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Street-style Photographers Series | Lee Oliveira


Dreams, talent and most importantly determination can get you anywhere in the world. Brazilian born, Lee Oliveira now calls Australia home and shoots the finest street style photos from Sydney to Paris. Capturing stylish Jane/John Doe’s, models and even big stylish names in the fashion industry among the likes of Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfeld, Emily Weiss and Taylor Tomasi-Hill (just to name a few), Lee is street-style photographer who has seemingly perfected his craft. Lee’s photos have a distinct vivid quality to them capturing the perfect natural lighting and framing of the subject that seems so meticulously planned. We credit this to his great eye of course.


ActuallyMAG speaks to the talented eye behind Lee Oliveira.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Brazilian born but now I call Australia home. I have been working in the fashion industry for a good part of my life but I always felt something was missing for me. I turned to my camera and that’s how I share my inspirations with others.


How long have you been taking street-style photographs?

Since May 2010


What draws you to take a photograph of someone?

 What a person is wearing and wears it with confidence.


Do you have any tricks to get people to relax when shooting them?

 I just want them to feel comfortable. Conversation always helps as I find it interesting to know a little about the person I’m shooting in front of the lens.


What are your favorite places or street corners for spotting and shooting your stylish subjects?

 My favorite places are Milan for style and Paris for fashion.


You have been to various countries to shoot people on the street, which country has been the most inspiring to you so far and why?

 Not so much a country but a city, like Paris for sure. As Bill Cunningham said once “Paris is an education for the eye” and this is true for anyone who is seeking fashion knowledge.


How is your street-style blog different from others?

I see a lot of people doing set ups and I respect them if that’s what they want to do. Those quick moments in time are the best shots.


Do you remember the first great photo you took?

Yes, I remember like it was yesterday.

Her name is Xenia. I shot her in Sydney, Australia.

She was wearing a vintage orange dress (from her grandmother) and it was on a windy day so the flow of the dress in the wind was just perfect.


Share with us how you think someone can take a good fashion photo.

 Take photos of what you love. Not what you think everyone else will love. Your passion will shine through.


What is a wardrobe staple for you?

 A tailored suit and lots of shoes. My father always said ‘a well dressed man will be the leader of the pack’.


If there were something you would consider a timeless trend, what would it be?

The Hèrmes Birkin. I have seen this bag with so many looks. You can wear  it with anything.


Are there any current projects/exhibitions that you are working on? If yes, what are they?

Yes, the last few months for me have been a whirlwind. I have a few major projects happening right now. Due to contractual reasons, I can’t really say much but I am very excited about them.


 What are your plans for Lee Oliveira’s street-style blog in the near future?

There are now major plans for the blog itself. I just want to keep sharing what I love. It is the projects that have found me through the blog that are creating new opportunities for me. This is something I wasn’t even thinking about when I started the blog.


–       Liyana Meer



For more amazing street-style photography by Lee Oliveira, do visit Lee Oliveira.

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