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Introducing a brand new concept that revolutionises the idea of a personal workspace: STITX.

Essentially made up of a great many pockets, STITX is placed on the back of one’s laptop screen in order to create the perfect desk organiser. It effectively reduces clutter and increases productivity by minimising time spent on locating one’s belongings.

The creators of STITX, Jia Ying, Albert and Corina, who are Industrial Design majors from the National University of Singapore, have put elegantly: “You carry your laptop around, why not let it carry things for you?”



There’s even a smaller pocket STITX to be used on the back of one’s iPad. Car keys, wallets, phones and stationary can now be placed in separate compartments within your reach. Using STITX will ensure that searching and locating your belongings will be a breeze compared to if they were strewn around your workspace. STITX is thin enough such that it can be fitted onto one’s laptop and the laptop can still be placed in a regular case. With the regular STITX weighing at a mere 180g, and the pocket one just 30g, the STITX is nothing more than an extension of your own laptop cover.


It costs 39 dollars for a STITX which is a strain on the wallet, to be entirely honest (you could get a decent laptop cover for the same price and sew on a few pockets) but its well worth the splurge when judged by the quality of the material used and the functionality of the STITX. Made out of suede, wool felt and re-constituted leather and with materials laser-cut to ensure precision in dimensions, you can be assured of quality in your STITX. The adhesive used to attatch your STITX to your laptop will not leave residue on your laptop.


The pocket STITX costs 12 dollars, but you could get a couple of friends and order your very own STITX at the promotional price of just 80 dollars for two regular STITX and one pocket STITX.
Designed to serve those with busy lifestyles and to reduce the clutter in our workspaces, STITX will ensure that you have the bare necessities within your reach with you, anywhere, all the time.
Support their project here:

Text by: Nishanthini Ganesan
*Photographs courtesy of STITX

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