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ActuallyMAG has come a long way since its inception in January this year. What started merely as a simple platform for us to communicate with our customers and friends has steadily grown and expanded into not just a dedicated team of contributors but a wonderful community of contributors and readers alike.


In light of our gradual success, both in terms of our reader base as well as being awesome, we asked ourselves what drew our readers and friends to us in the first place. And all of us got stuck on one word: creativity.


Naturally, we decided that ActuallyMAG’s first ever event would not be right if it weren’t about creativity. ActuallyMAG’s So Creative Talk was just the solution.


Pann Lim, co-founder of Kinetic Design and Advertising and The Design Society, Colin Seah, Architect and founder of Ministry Of Design, Pat Law, founder of GOODSTUPH, Willy Foo, CEO of Livestudios and photographer and Fredrik Haren, author of The Idea Book and many a book about creativity. These were the five friends that we got to come and speak about what it means to be creative and what creativity is all about.


For those who attended, we know just how enriching the entire event was, with all of these wonderfully influential people sharing their insights on creativity and what it means to be creative. To list out all the different things that were shared would be criminally tedious, but a few points were shared amongst our lovely speakers, and these were:


  1. Creativity cannot be learnt, but can be unleashed.
  2. There’s no such thing as pure creation, only creative adaptation.
  3. All things creative should come from the heart.
  4. It’s hard work, bro.
  5. Sometimes, it takes a leap of faith.
  6. It’s cheaper to own two islands in Sweden and Philippines respectively than to own a one-room condo in Singapore (okay fine, that point was only made once, but I have a feeling I won’t be the only one shopping for a friggin’ island when I decide to get my own place).


Besides being enlightened, it seems from the talk that Singapore is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation, which is awesome because that means that more interesting people and places are going to spring up, and that is what is going to keep us bringing content to our readers.


A round of thanks and cheers to all who made the effort to come down and share this experience with us. Truly, we are honoured. Also a heartfelt thanks to HTC and Starbucks, our sponsors for the evening. Appreciate the effort, everyone. We love you, see you at our next event!


– Jolin

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