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Slot Machine

We thank the Gods of Rock for bestowing upon us a new generation of Thai rock music. Slot Machine is a 4-piece band consisting of Karinyawat Durongjirakan [First] – vocals, Janevit Chanpanyawong [Vit] – Guitar, Atirath Pintong [Kak] – bass and Settharat Phangchunan [Auto] – drums. These awesome foursome are dubbed as one of the most highly anticipated bands in Thailand.


Slot Machine caught our attention with their unique melodies, as well as their impeccable style. The influence of these boys’ definitely splits the worlds of music and fashion, so we got the feeling that you needed to get a little more intimate with these boys. The band’s super-cool, dare we say quirky style is not an accident; these boys have strong feelings about their style and were willing to share them with us. Read on to find out more about these 4 amazingly talented and stylish musicians about their music, styles and how they feel about Singapore.

What kind of music were you listening to while growing up?

Kak: I listen to all kinds of music. Some of the genres are death metal, black metal, rock, and Thai classical music.


Who writes the lyrics for the songs? What influences your songwriting?

First: I do most of the writing of the lyrics, however as a team, we mostly create our music together. Our lyrics are related to Buddhism, Science, Philosophy, Science and Lifestyles.


How is Slot Machine different from other bands?

F: We have a dream to promote and bring out the unique style of Thai music on to an international level. Sometimes we wonder why people identify Asian artistes to be Korean or Japanese. What about the Indonesians and the Thai? For every song we write, we try to raise the bar and make music that is of an international standard and quality. Musically, we want our tracks to be deep and meaningful, something that is more than just a pop or love song. That’s why we focus on every aspect of perfection from our lyrics to our clothes and performance. The Thai language itself has different levels, we aspire to create songs that are of highest caliber of our national language therefore our lyrics are poetic in nature. Ultimately, we create songs that we feel would last a lifetime.


K: Our music has the unique Thai sound, especially the melody of the guitar and the vocals. As the one who comes up with the melody of the songs, I am very inspired by traditional Thai music. Growing up, my mum listened to traditional Thai music and songs, so when I write a song, the Thai melody and rhythm immediately comes to my mind. Thailand has no national instrument unlike India however we do have a unique sound and melody, one that people can identify with when they listen to our songs.


How do you feel about the Thai music industry and audience as compared to that of Singapore?

K: In Thailand there are too many artistes and bands. It is very normal to be part of the music industry in Thailand and we are all treated like normal people. We attribute this to the rapid growth of technology and the Internet because many people turn to illegal downloads and therefore we do not get the right channels of support through this. Also, because there are too many artistes, the audiences gets bored very easily and more often, artistes and bands do not get the recognition that they fully deserve. In comparison, the audiences in Singapore were very warm and are very interested in listening to new music.


Slot Machine is known for being one of the most stylish bands in Thailand. How would each of you describe your personal style?

(Everyone breaks in laughter and disbelief)

F: To me, style is about dressing well. If I dress well, I will have confidence. I also dress according to what I think suits my personality because ultimately, I know myself better than anyone else.


K: I like to go to the gym, work out and build on a body that is lean and muscular. If my body is in good shape, all apparels will fit my body very well. I also like my clothes to be in shades of black, white and grey. However,


Vit: The most important thing to me is my body. I believe that if my body is in good shape, I am able to put on almost anything.


Auto: I usually dress according to how I feel every morning.


What do think about the way Singaporeans dress and their style?

F: I see a lot of skate influences.. Skater boys, skate shows etc, style that is very casual.


K: In Thailand it’s not normal to wear loose and baggy jeans unlike in Singapore. The people in Thailand usually go for a more skinny fit and silhouette however in Singapore people go for a more relaxed fit.


Thailand is known to be the Land of Smiles, after spending a few days here, how would you describe Singapore?

F: The land of cute, because it is a very small island with very mixed and diverse traditions.


K: The land of good-looking girls and smiles.


What would you tell your friends about Singapore?

F: I would tell them that Singapore is a much cleaner city and Singaporeans are more civilized. However, the people look very much the same as Thai people and the local food here is definitely similar to Thai food as well because we didn’t have any problem with food at all here.


Which musicians would you like to work/collaborate with?

F: Radiohead!


V: U2, I love the guitarist!


A: It’s really difficult for me to choose and decide on one because I appreciate people and all music very easily. I just hope to learn more, share with my peers and gain more feedback.


K: I am happy working with just my band. I feel this way because there is only one of me and my band in the world. Anyone can do what I do, but noone can be the best version of me except myself.


What are your plans for the near future?

F: Slot Machine will still continue to make music. However if within the next 5 years we are unable to break into the international market, we will have no regrets because as a band we have already set the standards for the Thai music industry, one which the next generation can hopefully continue to do.


Liyana Meer

For more information on Slot Machine, please visit

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SlotMachineRock


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