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Supermama is many things at once – a store, an artist residency studio, a platform for designers, a space for people to escape to – but it is at its core a labor of love. Named “Supermama” as a tribute to Meiling, Edwin’s wife, the store began its life when the couple quit their respective jobs, sold their four-room flat and dreamed up the idea of taking a one-year sabbatical. Like many other Singaporeans, Edwin and Meiling were sick of the tediousness of a life without a bigger purpose.

And what is this elusive “bigger purpose”, you ask?

No one can say for sure really. Everyone has his or her unique path. The roads diverge and we each embark on the route of our choice, and for better or worse, that is our journey.

Supermama is Edwin and Meiling’s journey. The flagship space at Seah Street is an oasis of peace and quietness. Hand-picked products from around the world are displayed on beautiful shelves. Bowls. Ties. Notebooks. Plants. A disparate catalog of things that, you suspect, are made with heart. And love.

Unlike most shops, Supermama is not out to make money. It sounds strange whenever you hear something like this – it feels elitist, pretentious, naive – but when I talk to Edwin, I understand fully what he means. Surely there are things that are far more important than money. Like good design. Like beauty. Like life.

Just as Edwin said, “There are alot of decisions to make [in design]. After your last decision, a chair becomes a chair. So to me, design is like life. If you are able to make your choices in a beautiful way, you can come up with a very beautiful design.”


The hit to your wallet: From $12 for a small plate to $250 for a leather bag


Why we love Supermama: We love the interior of the shop – simple, minimalist yet cosy!


Location & opening hours:

Supermama (Retail)
8 Queen St, Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q

Daily: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Supermama (Residency)
30A Seah Street, Singapore 188386 (2nd Storey Shophouse)

Daily: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Contact: info@supermama.sg






Images courtesy of Supermama. Text by – Rebecca Toh, (Casual Poet Culture)



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