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Navire Creux 

Genre: Ambient/Post-Rock


Formed early 2009, Navire Creux started out as a home project to convey the emotions of frontman Axel Ante through music; as though narrating his life. Originally, Navire Creux didn’t have a fixed genre as Axel decided to count on intuition during the writing process. Displaying his writing process, clip after clip, Navire Creux successfully captured the attention of many. After a year of releasing teasers of beautifully crafted post-rock clips online, Navire Creux released the ‘INCENDIARY’ EP. Soon after, along with the inclusion of new members and sessionsists, Navire Creux became a regular in Singapore’s Local Post-Rock Music scene.

Shortly after INCENDIARY’ EP release, Navire Creux went on to produce a heavier sound, diverting into a whole new direction, playing more dark, post-metal music and remained that way till now.  Navire Creux is currently in the midst of working on some new stuff for an upcoming release entitled “Nihilism”, which should be out later this year.


Why we love them: There is a certain brilliance how almost every Navire Creux’s track develops gradually from a mild-ambient melody and then into a more progressive sound of punchy guitars and sick drums, dampened with waves-crashing emotions;  as though taking us on a journey into the writer’s mind.








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