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Genre: Indie Rock

Singapore rock ‘n’ roll band, Cashew Chemists began as a heavy metal act in 2005, under a totally different name. But the love and influence of classic pop-rock bands like The Beatles proved too strong and now the band favors strong melodies, sharp guitars and smart lyrics in lieu of former head-banging antics.

Consisting of close friends, Yuji Kumagi (Vocals), Canaan Phoneko (guitars), Brian Chia (guitars, backing vocals), Elliot Sng (bass), Zachary Chia (percussion), Cashew Chemists also share a passion and drive to bring their music as far as it can go. The toppermost of the poppermost, if possible!

After being selected to play at Baybeats 2012, numerous gigs and a successful album launch at Beer Market last month, the band hopes to play at more shows to gain exposure and meet like-minded people.


Why we love them:
Listing Girls and Little Joy as their influences, how can we not love them?

Website: http://www.facebook.com/cashewchemists





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