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Made for: Men

Menswear label, -J-A-S-O-N-, is a testament to the notion that style never takes a day off. More than a common name, -J-A-S-O-N- is an acronym for the months from July to November, and a muse for the label that was conceived in the midst of a year.

-J-A-S-O-N- serves to outfit independent men who are not swayed by trends. The label is in relentless pursuit of fresh and strong pieces, simultaneously wearable yet transcendent. Tailored cuts are contradicted with peculiar details. Delicate pieces are made provocative with bold designs. By constantly questioning the ways of the world, -J-A-S-O-N- is defiance personified, here to bring out the rebel in every one of us.

-J-A-S-O-N- bends the rules further with lifestyle and design collaborations, cementing the fact that the brand is about more than just fashion. It’s about breaking away from stereotypes, and inspiring a fearless curiosity for life.


The hit to your wallet: From $159 for a jutted collar shirt to $189 for drape harem pants.


Why we love -J-A-S-O-N-:

Not many women have the knack for designing menswear. However, JR Chan bucks that stereotype with her first label, Cloak & Dagger, launched as Hide & Seek’s menswear label whilst an apprentice under celebrity designer, Keith Png. Her subsequent label, -J-A-S-O-N-, reflects Chan’s evolving romanticism and state of mind. Let us take a step back and let her credentials do the talking.






Images courtesy of -J-A-S-O-N-



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