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Singapore Guide | Cafes – Gudetama Cafe

With the trend of many themed cafes popping up in Singapore, such as the Superheroes Cafe and Pokemon Cafe, there is no doubt that many others will follow suit soon. The Gudetama Cafe is the most recent one to jump on this bandwagon.


Gudetama is a popular Sanrio egg cartoon character in Japan. Its name is a play on “gude gude”, a phrase used to describe someone with no energy or strength and  “tama” from tamago (egg).


Opened in November 2016, The Gudetama Cafe was greeted with large crowds of people daily and the waiting time to have a meal there could take about a few hours. But we can all see why. Filled with cute decorations and merchandise, the cafe serves up amazing dishes, desserts and drinks and even has Gudetama-themed furniture! Here are some of the dishes to expect at the cafe.





Start your day right with this big breakfast! Two perfect sunny side-up eggs on a buttery brioche toast, streaky bacon and spicy pork bratwurst, sautéed mushrooms, hearty baked beans and seasonal greens. Have a cup of coffee to go along with it, for the full experience.





Looking for something to warm yourself up on rainy days? Look no further, when there is this crusty bread bowl of rich lobster bisque with a kawaii poached egg and seasonal greens. Hearty and packed with flavour, there’s nothing that warms the body and soul quite like this dish.





Treat your stomach to the yummy goodness of perfectly poached eggs wrapped up with smoked salmon and mashed avocado on toasted brioche, finished off with zesty yuzu hollandaise sauce and ebiko, and served with tater tots, grilled mushrooms and seasonal greens. It is bound to satisfy your tastebuds!




Do not be fooled by its appearance and name! This “Shoyu Ramen” is actually a dessert made of moist chocolate and feuilletine cake topped with chestnut Mont Blanc (noodles), orange tuile (chashu), white chocolate (egg) and earl grey jelly (broth), served with panna cotta (tofu) and sweetened rose tea. Looks as good as it tastes and if you have a sweet tooth, this might be what you’ve been looking for!



Photos from: Gudetama Cafe Singapore Facebook

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