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Sing Me A Number | SIXX

Everyone has guilty pleasures and occasionally, I do listen to beautiful rap tunes about pimps and hoes just like the kids in jersey shore but that’s a secret I’d like to keep between you and me. However, when I choose to become cool and pretentious, I listen to respectable music and escape everything that surrounds me to dive into beautifully structured lyrics accompanied by meticulously crafted tunes. Sixx is one of those undeniably great local acts I’ve been obsessed with for a couple of years now.


Tell me more about Sixx

SIXX is a 9-piece band from the heart of Singapore but we’ve been told our music has a global audience. We’re a good mix of Michael Jackson fans influenced by acts like The Roots and N.E.R.D and we dress like its award show every day.

We’ve been told that our music is assessable which is a huge compliment. There’s nothing you want more as a musician than for people to relate to the tunes you play. Better yet when your music can reach everyone. We don’t like to write things literally, everything has a tongue in cheek topic or alternate point of view. We’re glad to know that our music is catching on with the masses.


When was the first time you played together as a band?

SIXX first stepped on a stage as a 6 piece on the SUNTEC CITY rooftop in 2007. We had a couple different members then playing a couple hip-hop and funk covers for a networking session for industry professionals. It was the day we realized that we had something more to offer the world. 3 months later we were armed with originals playing in Kuala Lumpur at the Sunburst Music Festival alongside N.E.R.D and KORN.

What’s your first album?

Kevin: The best memory I have is more importantly buying my first album from Tower Records. I remember saving up for weeks because back then most hip-hop cd’s were imported. I bought 2Pac’s Me Against the World album for $60, of my own money! I was 14, dude! How I got that kind of money I don’t know. That album has me bobbing my head till this day.


Aarika: The first album I ever listened to in its entirety was Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. I played that record so much my grandma bought me a Walkman so she wouldn’t have to hear it on repeat when her friends were over. Score 🙂 The first album I ever purchased on my own was Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill. That album is so hauntingly beautiful. It’s another one of those records that I can listen to from start to end, over and over again.


What was your first concert?

Kevin: The first that I really have to memory is Michael Jacksons Dangerous Tour concert at the old Kallang, National Stadium. We waited for hours in the sun waiting for it start, I had a fever for the next 3 days. It was well worth it though! I still remember his EPIC entrance!


Aarika: YEAH!! Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour! I went for BOTH of those sell-out nights – which really was 3 nights because Michael was sick on the second night and had to postpone the show. I remember it being his birthday too! I lost my voice both nights man! I think my grandma had to take brother and I on the second night too! So poor thing!

What was the last time you did something creative that wasn’t music?

Kevin: I’m currently writing a children’s storybook about a character I’ve been working on for a couple of years. I’m really stoked about it; the story is finally coming together. It’s about a bear. Look out for it!


Aarika: I actually went and auditioned for a film. It was so funny. I’m so not an actress but I try to do things that scare myself every now and then. It was a pretty out of body experience. I read for a very safe role, and then I also read the role for the badass. It was awesome. I don’t know if I’ll get it but it was creatively challenging and I needed it.


What do you like about the music industry in Singapore?

Kelvin: To start, we don’t really have anything that resembles an industry yet. We’ve definitely progressed over the years but it’s nothing like what Japan, Taiwan or even what Kuala Lumpur has. What’s nice is that there is mad support from the artistes. I honestly believe everyone wants to see each other succeed.

It’s at a stage where any success overseas is everyone’s milestone.


Aarika: My favorite thing about the music scene right now is that everyone is family. It doesn’t matter what kind of music we play anymore, which genre we fall into, everyone is interested in building the “industry” and in turn, build each other up. You can tell by how many collaborations that are happening too. There is a lot of mutual respect within the circle and everyone recognizes the value in each other. It’s great.


What ticks you off about the music industry in Singapore?

Kevin: That everyone waits for everyone. Let’s kick down doors and shake this place up.

Aarika: That it takes an artiste to be recognized outside of Singapore, given the “stamp of approval” almost, before they are readily embraced back home.


If your musical talent were abruptly taken away from you tomorrow, what do you think you’ll be doing?

Kevin: I’d love to be a writer like Shel Silverstein.

Aarika: I’d love to act. But I’d probably be in the kitchen baking.



-Estee Hamid

Photos courtesy of SIXX



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