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SILENT by Damir Doma

Beige, gray, crème and off-black undertones, paired with sheer, lightweight materials transcending through the collection: the possibilities are endless with SILENT by Damir Doma. The usage of organic cotton also contributes to the extremely soft and luscious texture of the fabrics. On the new collection:

“Silent is the state we are in when we are freed of thoughts, of noise or of any other distraction. It is in silence that we can clear our minds and focus on details that would otherwise be overseen. Confronted with a world that becomes noisier every day, we can close our eyes and hear the music behind the roaring sound of a city – the enduring play of silence and sound. For it is when we are silent, that we can truly admire and embrace the essence of something. We are left in state of purity and peacefulness, open to embrace the surrounding.” – Damir Doma

True to its name, the line takes on a minimalistic approach and plays on subtle detailing. Minimalism is defined as, “design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect”, and indeed Silent does not disappoint. Without sacrificing either style or comfort, trust us when we say that there’s nothing more elegant than dressing ‘Silent’.

– Rachel Tang

Images by Zhiwei, Models are Sofia and Firdaos

Visit SILENT by Damir Doma’s website @ http://www.damirdoma.com/site/silent-brand.html
Visit Damir Doma’s website @ http://www.damirdoma.com/site/index.html

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