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Shadow of Thoughts


Today on our Blog special, we feature four beautifully-penned poem by Sharon Tsui.
Take a break from your daily routine and grab a cup of hot coffee now. This is a perfect read to unwind your Thursday as the weekend approaches.


A simple wish
A Simple Wish
*Inspired by The Great Gatsby
I was within and without
In this bubbly dream
How I wished I could be granted with
The love everlasting

Constantly waiting and dreaming
yearning and seeking
for the same person same vision same love

You can never repeat the past
We can never get back to the start

A kiss takes forever
To think over

Will you still love me
When I’m no longer
Wild and young?

Your look eluding me
Whole summer long

It was a mistake
Like a shooting star
Beautifully dashing through the sky
And then

I want that look of yours
Not just for the summer
But forever
Edward the Prince
Edward the Prince
Edward the Prince
is not an ordinary Prince;
Edward the Prince
is the frog Prince.

He’s been kissed by the Princess,
and now he sits all day and reminisces.

He wonders why he ever wanted that kiss;
it was so much easier just to catch the flies and fleas.
He enjoys the taste of flies and fleas;
and he enjoys being surrounded by water-lilies.

“If only I had a time-machine,” thinks Edward the Prince.
He starts to behave like an ass.
He declares that he only wants to eat flies and fleas.
He declares that he only wants to sleep with water-lilies.

He claims that he will kiss the Princess
only if he has a mouthful full of flies & fleas
in between his teeth.

Poor Princess,
now she wonders why she ever gave him that kiss.

And here’s something to teach the girls:
Never kiss a frog and hope he’ll act like a real Prince!
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea (after Stein)

Sweet tea,

Please, stop haunting me.
My head’s been turned round and round and round,
don’t know how to stop throwing up.
My heart keeps on pounding,
it pounds and pounds and pounds…

Every time i see you,
a needle’s stabbing my heart,
my head, my eyes, my fist, my secret place, my every cell…

You are still everywhere.
I so wanna end it so i quit
I quit your number, your face, your warmth, your voice, your house…
but, I just cannot quit you.

Sweet tea sweet tea sweet tea sweet tea
you are sweet yet bitter yet shiny yet gloomy yet possessing.
You make me smile make me cry make me hurt make me swear make me hot ‘n make me cold,
You are one cup of magical tea.
I wish I could drink you up, so that my heart can stop being torn up
Lights and Sounds
Lights and Sounds
*Reflection of 2013 Smashing Pumpkins HK Concert
Darkness swipes over the day,
Another episode of not knowing where to begin.

Loud and loud the music plays
Knock and knock the soul breaks
Destructiveness comes from expectation
For love

Oh you and me and they
I’m dealing with my problem
Which has nothing to do with your problem
But I tried to mingle mine with yours
So, secretly we could be connected.

They don’t know me
Just like I don’t know them
I have lots to dig
I’ve paid my dues
And nobody gives a shit about me
How cheap could our love be?

Oh, the lights and sounds
Pushed me into the limits.
I can’t take it anymore.
It’s just like,
One more step further
And I’ll drown.
Not in love,
in the ocean of depression.

I’m afraid
Afraid of light
Afraid that I might not go back
Afraid I might lose you

I’ve buried myself in music
Let light comes and dissolve me
Simple and easy

Text & Images by: Sharon Tsui

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