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Seven Psychopaths | Movie Review


Seven Psychopaths revolves around Marty (Colin Farrell), a writer who is having trouble finishing his screenplay. He gets caught up in a series of oddly unfortunate events, all thanks to his dog-knapping best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) and his partner Hans (Christopher Walken). Somehow they manage to get a hold of the shih tzu beloved by gangster Charlie (Woody Harrelson), and he is crazy to get it back from these psychopaths.

If you’ve seen In Bruges, you will definitely be familiar with Martin McDonagh’s sense of humour—violence, ingenious dialogue and, lest we forget, lots of swearing. Seven Psychopaths undoubtedly draws inspiration from various areas of cinema, yet it still manages to retain a distinct touch of originality, and we are left to wonder if the script itself were actually a part of McDonagh’s life adapted for the big screen.

The movie itself is hilarious, with the unpredictable cast of characters carrying out the whackiest of antics, but in-between the moments of hilarity we are left feeling out in the cold by the quick touch-and-go of the multiple characters and the events that follow them. It was hard to identify if the script’s messiness was due to McDonagh’s deliberate delivery of inconspicuous chaos or just a lack of consideration.



However, one can’t deny the individuality possessed by each and every character, further made exceptional by the portrayals by the respective actors. Rockwell makes a fine psychopath, one we could never hate but would simply like to have as that one kooky friend, despite his absurdity. He is the star of the Seven Psychopaths, blowing strong contenders like Walken and Farrell out of the water. It was indeed slightly disappointing to see Farrell, who was meant to be the lead, take the passenger seat, being left with surprisingly little, if not, insubstantial dialogue.

Not much can be said of the actresses though, for it is just as Walken’s character points out in the movie, “your women character’s are awful!” Surely the creator himself should address a meta-statement such as this?

Overall, Seven Psychopaths may not be a complete narrative masterpiece, but it is somewhat there, and is definitely one of the more uplifting and entertaining pieces of work to grace the cinemas. The twists and turns will keep you at the edge of the seat, and the comedic aspects will keep you from falling off and missing any second of it.






Text by: Jillian Tan
Images sourced from: Google Images




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