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SCANDAL Live in Singapore 2013

“Encore Show” still as popular (if not more) three years later!


In an age where social media has taken over a large part of how we netizens perceive and view celebrities and artistes (musicians included), looks are becoming more and more important to attract and retain the short attention span of crowds around the world. So much so that many recording companies are even willing to forgo a bit of quality if their artistes are attractive enough to keep fans excited.

But Epic Records Japan, the label for all-girl rock band SCANDAL, won’t have that problem in Singapore, as behind these girls’ anime-level cuteness lie a solid sound backed by four talented young ladies, and the Singaporean fans just can’t wait for them to fulfil their promise of an “encore performance” since their last live here at Anime Festival Asia 2010.

Comprising vocalist Haruna, lead guitarist Mami, bassist Tomomi and drummer Rina, the band started out practising in a studio in Osaka where they first met in 2006. In fact, their name was aptly inspired from a signboard in the same building they practised at, where many adult shops were also located. Scandalous.



They took to performing live at Osaka Castle Park every weekend and managed to get signed on to indie label Kitty Records. Just two years later, they released their very first single, “Space Ranger”, which peaked at #2 on the Tower indie charts. Their following two singles topped the charts and marked the beginning of their successful career as a mainstay in the challenging Japanese music industry. The same year, they signed on to Epic Records Japan, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, they have firmly established themselves as a well-loved Japanese group in Singapore, and their popularity was affirmed when SCANDAL were greeted by a massive turnout of fans at Bugis+ a day before their first live for their “Encore Show” album autograph session.

This time, they had a performance at the *SCAPE Warehouse on 16 and 17 March, and played crowd favourites including “Shoujo S”, “Shunkan Sentimental”, and their first major label single “Doll” kept the crowd on their toes and chanting to the lyrics, but it was the newer songs such as “Harukaze”, “Taiyou Scandalous” and “Queens are Trumps” that really got the crowd going, as SCANDAL had not performed these songs live in Singapore yet.



At the end of the concert, when SCANDAL bade everyone goodbye and left the stage, the ensuing chants of “ENCORE, ENCORE”, were probably the most fervent I’ve ever heard live at a concert. Their newest album title probably contributed greatly to the enthusiastic cheers, but it is evident that the four girls have come a long way since their humble beginnings just seven years ago. To all Singaporean fans, they have promised (again) that the will come back again very soon, so stay excited for their “Encore Show”!




Text by: Bjorn Teo
Images by: Shiro Ang




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