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When plans to eat, sleep and shop in Singapore run dry, one could always flock to the newly built ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands to immerse himself in an emulsion of culture and creativity.

Currently at the foundation of its existence, the location itself is breathtaking. Picture a lotus, only in metal, a lone ranger amidst other more generic looking buildings. The current under its feet is strong, and yet the magnificence of the view at sunset compels each and every visitor.

As the premier museum destination for all major international touring exhibitions, the ArtScience Museum currently features one of the worlds most renowned collections, the artworks of Surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. The exhibition is titled, Mind of a Genius, an apt name deserving of the talented artist, whose style transcends basic understanding and pushes the boundaries of knowledge and of art itself.

One of Dali's bronze statues featuring his signature melting clocks.

The journey through the mind of the genius in question will extend over a collection of ten galleries filled with a good two hundred and fifty pieces. In an attempt to highlight the origins of Dali’s influences, all the pieces are arranged according to central themes (i.e. femininity and sensuality, religion and mythology, dreams and fantasy…). We are guided through the creative journey of surrealism on the crossroad between art and science.

I am not going to enlighten you on what surrealism is, or on the different pieces that Dali was famous for producing because there is Google for that. Instead, I am going to tell you what you could only experience being at the exhibition itself. Bear in mind folks, this is as good as it gets:

Imagine walking into a room where the furniture stands not on the ground, but on one of the sidewalls, as if our facets of perspective went wonky. Imagine being so close to an 18 carat piece of gold, placed just beyond your reach, in a transparent enclosure adorned with lights that make the metal even more resplendent and delightful. Imagine standing next to Adam and Eve, desiring to reach out to touch them, but hesitating for fear of being caught. The temptation of take a bite out of that golden apple is even greater now that it is forbidden. Imagine looking at your own image in a mirror, where staring back at you is a new human being, with longer legs, a bigger head or even god forbid, a more horizontally gifted version of yourself.

Dali's work is both mystifying and breathtaking.

Imagine being this close to a segment in time, to a man who desires a cooked telephone when he orders a grilled lobster, to a genius whose capacity of thought exceeds our wildest expectations. Yes, this is why you should visit the museum, not because Dali’s art is famous, but because it is what it is, the work of a genius, and absolutely and undeniably mind-blowing.

-Samantha Quek

The exhibition is featured at the Art and Science Museum of MBS from 14th May – 30th October. Tickets are priced at S$30 for single admittance.

For more information, please visit www.marinabaysands.com/artsciencemuseum, or call +6566888826.


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