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Ronan Keating Live in Singapore



“Its been a long 10 years since I came and perform here.” Wait, what 10 years? I was only 12 back then! Well that didn’t stop me from singing my heart out when he sang “If tomorrow never comes”, “19 Again” and from his new album, “Wasted lights”

Ronan’s 5th album Fires – means so much to him. How inspiration of the album come about was things that happened in his life. Good music and lyrics always comes from experiences and that is where i felt a huge connection that life is unfair to everyone equally somehow. On a lighter note, he quote it off with “When your’e in a dark place of your life, you need people. And he’s very grateful for his family and friends and all.” Listening to him singing Scars after that was just surreal. It was like the lyrics were speaking so much to you.

The moment the light sparkles throughout the entire hall when he play his new single, Easy Now My Dear from his latest album, Fires – it was just a moment that it was meant to last forever. The way he sang those word by word, injected a ball full of emotions where everyone in the theater stayed silent and was practically mesmerized.

The crowd (which consists a huge percentage of ladies) was swaying their hairs, letting loose and having a great night screamed for an encore! Ronan Keating end the night with Nothing at all and Rollercoaster! On the stage with him is his group of musicians, well darn! wish it was Boyzone though, moved the entire crowd with powerful beats and strums and keys. What makes it more memorable was when Adrina and I ran up to the front. Now you could actually see them smiling, winking and interacting with the audience! Not only that, fan girl mode on! We just practically under his nose, singing out heart out and yes we hi^5 Ronan Keating!




Text by: Adrina Lee & Sarah Amirah
*Images courtesy of Midas Promotions!


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