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ReKixx – 100% Recyclable Shoes


So you’ve been wearing your pair of kicks for more than a year. They’ve served you well, kept your feet comfortable and weathered all sorts of terrain. But now that your sole is worn thin and is starting to detach from your shoe, you dump it in the trash, all the while thinking about your next pair of shoes (New Balance, Vans or Converse? So. Many. Choices!) to replace it. Meanwhile, your shoes have embarked on the journey to contributing to an ever-growing landfill.


With ReKixx, however, you can trash your shoes without it weighing on your conscience that it will be thrown into a dump. ReKixx, originally named REMYXX, is the world’s only completely recyclable shoes. Wearing ReKixx is more than just wearing environmentally friendly shoes – it’s a sign of support for a green lifestyle.


ReKixx started out when founder Gary Gagnon was taking out the garbage. Seeing several pairs of worn-out shoes in the trashcan right next to the recycling bin, he thought about the possibility of recycling shoes instead of throwing them in the trash. After putting in lots of effort in getting funding through Kickstarter and appearing on Shark Tank, a business-themed show that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to potentially secure business deals, ReKixx was made into reality and is now sold on their online shop with over 1000 pairs on their first production in January 2013.


When they said it was completely recyclable, they weren’t exaggerating. Manufactured using a special blend of lab certified 100% recyclable materials, every part of the shoe can be recycled, right down to the glue and stitching. When you’ve worn your ReKixx sneakers down to its last step, send them back to ReKixx. Using the unique mix of materials and proprietary construction all parts of your worn and beaten ReKixx sneakers can be recycled or “ReKixx-ed” to make new products and materials, including a new pair of ReKixx.


These wonderful eco-friendly shoes have gotten recognition by people in the entertainment industry. Perez Hilton, Hollywood’s famous gossip columnist, blogged about ReKixx shoes, saying they were “so FAB”. Didiayer Snyder from At Home with Didiayer, a creative and informative lifestyle television program, was also seen sporting ReKixx.


You can get your own pair of ReKixx from their online shop for $65 per pair. We’re completely down for it – eco-friendly fashion.


Text by: Arynah Aminuddin

Images courtesy of ReKixx


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