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PUNK Never Dies!

So the original saying may have been “Love never dies”, taken from a horrific 1950’s b-movie titled “The Monster of the Lagoon”. Still, we hope you can grant us poetic license to change it up a little. So, the question is: why is punk  still alive, despite the first appearance of the Sex Pistols being more than 30 years ago? Is it just a matter of recycled fashion trends or does punk sub-culture still exist with good reason?

Before giving our personal opinion, though it may not necessarily be the right one, let’s take a step back. The word “punk” (back then still used derogatorily as  a synonym of “vandal” or “hooligan”) was first redefined by Caroline Coon, an artist, journalist and political activist who was a staunch follower of the Pistols from the very beginning. Legend has it that punk was born in the shop “Sex”, managed by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm MacLaren, but the true link with the historical cutting edge boutique was when Glen Matlock (first bass player of the band before the Sid Vicious’ arrival) started working part time there.

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols

In order to comprehensively experience that era, we strongly suggest reading “No Irish, no Blacks, no Dogs” the autobiography by Johnny Rotten, the brains behind the Pistols. As the song “God save the Queen” well explains, the spirit of punk can be summarized in the expression “no future” by the 70’s youth in a reactionary and anachronistic UK.

As for the present, while the recent royal wedding of William and Kate was followed by 2 billion people worldwide, people all over the world are still undergoing hardships that continue to be ignored. Punk is not just mere teenage rebellion, but a defiant declaration of independence and the refusal to submit to apathy. It’s time we start paying attention to the timeless messages as conveyed by the Sex Pistols or we might be stumbling dangerously close to a new catchphrase– “Stupidity never dies.”

– Gabriele Gattozzi

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