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Profiling | Ee Shaun

One reason we’re attracted to comics might be the way their simple lines and minimal or halftone colours seem to materialize the animations; bringing their stories to life. But in a day and age where movies and even televisions offer 3D technology, and where video games have come to achieve an unrivalled realism; the magic of comics seems to be left behind by those who once held it dear.

Introducing Ee Shaun. Shaun’s work is reminiscent of those comics, both with bold lines and the abstract representations of subject and object; motion and emotion. His work may seem one dimensional to the untrained eye, but the depth of his concepts and inspiration transcends the misconception that art needs to be complicated and technical to tell a good message.

ActuallyMAG speaks to Ee Shaun about his lifestyle, work process and inspirations.

A day in your life, what occurs?

Ee Shaun: Hmm I go to school in the morning, teach, come home. Usually I play some tennis in the evenings. Then I go to sleep!

Describe your humble abode.

ES: It’s a small house filled with paintings, 3 cats, and 3 boxes of cat litter.

What do you do in your free time?

ES: Usually I’m working on some project, or school work. If not, I’m drawing or maybe listening to music and trying to play the piano.

Ee Shaun's contribution for our Project Nippon bags

Recommend us some cool haunts in Singapore.

ES: I like old shopping malls – Parklane Shopping Centre, Beauty World Plaza – you can always find cheap second hand books, and odd shops selling quaint items. The area around Bangkit (near Bukit Panjang Plaza) is interesting too – there are lots of knick knacks and funny looking barber shops.

Share with us something about yourself that no one knows.

ES: I can sing Yue Fei’s Man Jiang Hong [a Mandarin song] but I don’t know what it means except the first line.

How do you define yourself as an artist?

ES: I’m uncomfortable with definitions, since people make assumptions about what you do when you say ‘I am an illustrator’, or ‘I am an artist’ – but I would say I am more of an artist. I wasn’t trained in design anyway, but in art you are always designing with colors, lines and shapes. So they’re somewhat related.

What inspires your works?

ES: Hmm most things – sometimes it could be just graphics, old books, works of other artists, or even fashion, so just about anything that I like.

Deliriously Whimsical.

Which of your design pieces is your favorite and why?

ES: I like most of my own work, so there isn’t really a favourite piece, I like them equally. I guess you could say they are all favourites one way or another.

Is there a designer/artist you relate to?

ES: Yes many – Keith Haring is one artist that I identify closely with, because of his energy, vision and his philosophy and values about life.

What’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?

ES: The best thing is attending cool parties; the worst thing is meeting people you’ve met and forgetting their names!

– Jolin

For more info on Ee Shaun’s work, visit his website @ http://www.gardensilly.com.

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