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Oversized Mini CHUMS Logo T-Shirt

Sale price$69.00

Mini CHUMS logo cute, oversized T-shirt

〈Design〉 Logo T-shirt with a
loose oversized silhouette. The CHUMS logo on the front is arranged in a mini size, and you can enjoy an atmosphere that is a little different from the standard logo T-shirt. The mini logo becomes a subtle accent, and it is useful not only as a single piece as it is, but also for inner use. The simple design makes it easy to use and recommended as a gift! There is also a development of kids' sizes, and parents and children can also coordinate ◎

〈Material characteristics〉 Made of heavyweight cotton knitted with
tough empty spinning. A lineup of "COTTON USA" certification, which certifies high-quality cotton products that have passed strict standards. It is characterized by excellent durability and a firm fabric feeling that does not easily lose its shape.


Material: Cotton100%
Oversized Mini CHUMS Logo T-Shirt
Oversized Mini CHUMS Logo T-Shirt Sale price$69.00