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It's soft and cosy, so I can't take my feet off it!! It's a happy Oroliday mascot, a cute face-shaped rug. 

Material: Polyester / TPR

Size: 710 X 680 mm (±10 mm)
  • Any space looks great on you! Place it in various spaces such as the front door, living room, front of the bathroom, under the desk, etc. and use it as a point item!
  • Recommended for the interior of my room! Fill your empty floor and transform your space into a different ambiance.
  • The underside is rubberised so it doesn't get pushed much when placed on the floor.
  • Also recommended as a sensible housewarming gift!

Washing Tip

1. Please be careful as it may be decolorised and contamination if you put it in the water with detergent for a long time.

2. Single washing is recommended, use neutral detergent completely dissolved in lukewarm water, and use chlorine and oxygen-based detergents is prohibited.

3. Please be careful of firearms and sharp tools.

4. Please return it weakly to the wool course when washing. We recommend using a laundry net. Please do not make dehydration very weak or as much as possible, and do not twist and squeeze strongly when removing moisture to prevent deformation.

5. You can use the washing machine. However, strong dehydration is not recommended.

6. Product damage caused by customer negligence cannot be compensated, so please be sure to comply with the above.