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F421 SLEEVE FOR LAPTOP 15"_00001

Sale price$160.00

Device protected by an upholstered inner lining, a tough, truck tarp sleeve and an invisible Velcro fastening as well as a doubly secure flap.

Product Features 

  • Compatible with laptops such as the MacBook Pro 15" (2018), MacBook Pro 16" (2021), Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (2018)
  • The fit of the protective cover can vary from tight to slightly loose

Each product is one of a kind and made from recycled truck tarps (polyester fabric with PVC coating). Not suitable for children under the age of 3. 

  • Style: F421 SLEEVE FOR LAPTOP 15"
  • Patina: Matte
  • Materials: Used truck tarps
  • Dimensions: 375 × 20 × 265 mm (l × w × h)
  • Weight: 330 g


Back in 1993, graphic designers Markus Freitag and Daniel Freitag were on the lookout for a functional, water-repellant and robust bag that can hold their creative work well while cycling. Inspired by the multicoloured heavy traffic that rumbled through the Zurich transit intersection in front of their flat, they developed a messenger bag from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts. This was how the first FREITAG bag took shape in the living room of their shared apartment – each one recycled, each one unique. 

With their innovation, the brothers inadvertently triggered a seismic event in the world of bag making. Its tremors have since made themselves felt in Zurich and the cities in Europe, eventually spreading throughout Asia, making FREITAG the unofficial outfitter of all urban, bike-riding enthusiasts. 

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F421 SLEEVE FOR LAPTOP 15"_00001
F421 SLEEVE FOR LAPTOP 15"_00001 Sale price$160.00