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- Items for targets that float in the air and disappear, or fall asleep in the diary

- A calendar of 'goals' for 'goals' by 'goals' that can be set short and short goals in 35-day increments

How To Use

1. Write down a grand or small goal in the Objective field.

2. Whether it is a goal to be kept on a daily basis, or a goal that can only be followed on a specific day (day of the day of the day).

3. Mark 35 squares with coloured pens or stickers, etc., or take notes.

4. Counting the number of successful days and missed days at the bottom.

Rejoice or Reflect

5. Set a goal again on another paper.

Product Details

  • Material: Paper (80g of uncoloured)
  • Size: 197 x 272mm / slightly smaller than A4 / 100 sheets

Precautions when purchasing

1. Fine crumps may occur during production or packaging.

2. Small dots may pop when printing.

*This part is not a reason for return or exchange, so if you are sensitive, please purchase carefully.