Camo Socks

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For the first time ever, we’ve produced socks out of Portugal, and the results are seriously special.

A classic ribbed sports sock with reinforced arch support for extra comfort. Featuring a hand-dyed camouflage pattern and printed FAR AFIELD logo. Each pair of socks is unique in appearance due to hand-dying technique.

  • Made in Portugal
  • 85% Organic Cotton/15% Elastane
  • One Size (UK 7-11)
    The majority of non-organic is grown is countries that are experiencing water shortages. The organic cotton we source, however, does not contribute negatively to the scarcity of supplies. Organic cotton farmers use healthier soil that holds on to water far more efficiently, particularly during droughts. They rely heavily on rainwater as opposed to extracting from the ground, which can have knock-on impact on their local communities. Careful consideration is also given to make sure non-harmful pesticides are used on crops.