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- Glass cup with nail onnise to enjoy relaxation in your own way

- With a generous **473ml capacity**, it goes well with a variety of drinks such as drinks, beer, coffee, and more, and is good for daily cups.

- Good to give as a gift in a single box.

Material: Glass

Size: 80 x 150mm / 473ml

Precautions when purchasing

1. There may be small air bubbles or fine scratches during the production process.

2. Printing may not be completely uneven.

3. The base of the cup can be slightly slanted.

4. The inlet portion of the cup may be completely uneven.

5. Please be careful when using hot water above 40℃ because it is not a heat-resistant glass material.

Washing Tip

1. When using a dishwasher, the print may be softened or erased by a temperature or acidic detergent.

Dishwasher use is not recommended,

You can use it longer if you were cleaning it with a soft scrub.

2. The print may soften little by little when repeated use of a highly acidic detergent.

3. After washing, be sure to ventilate and dry before storing or using.