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Priceless Reactions


Yasuyuki Machida is designer that truly puts his customers first. More important than anything in his career of scarf-making, he cherishes his customers’ reactions to his creations.

“I like to see their reactions,” said Machida. “The ‘wow’, the surprised faces or even giggles. Those are the things I care most about.”

It all began with a crumpled piece of paper. After considering the ways this act of crumpling paper completely changes its texture and function, Yasuyuki then applies the same crumpling method to his scarves. He enjoys making scarfs because he can create it without the involvement of others, resulting in each scarf being an exclusive creation that was handled exclusively by his hands. He designs the scarves one step at a time, doing trials with only minimal details and without a layout of the final product in his mind, which allows for experimenting.


He sells his collection of scarves on Boticca, retailing from $90.65 to $243.50. They are beautiful, multicoloured mosaics crumpled and pleated in innovative ways, usually with fringes. His scarves give a quirky touch to any outfit, especially Secret Space Station (above), a playful scarf with robotic prints.

“My inspiration comes from imagining a figure and then multiplying that figure to create a pattern,” said Machida. “A figure may seem boring at first, but by multiplying it, it may become an interesting design. That is the charm of designing.”

His experimenting methods often lead to a design that don’t fall into any existing category – and that’s exactly what he wants.

“I do not believe there are any failed pleat designs… I create things that cannot be imagined. If I am creating something that is imaginable, as an artist, that is bad.”

His scarves can be found at Boticca: http://boticca.com/yasuyukimachida/all/ – pieces



Text by: Arynah Aminuddin

Images courtesy of Yasuyuki Machida and Boticca

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