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Porcelain Doll

Hong Kong has always inspired me with it’s curious mix between east and west, in that the most traditionally Chinese places are usually found in the midst of the most modern buildings. One late Sunday morning, I decided to take a look around SOHO, and I came across a small alley that was littered with small boutiques and cafés.  What really inspired me for this series of photographs, however, were several run down porcelain and traditional Hong Kong tool shops ‘五金舖’ .

I was very lucky to have discovered a designer the next day called Mandy Cheung.  I felt as though her Chinese inspired designs really matched the idea that I had thought of.  I contacted her, and she kindly agreed to lend me her hand painted and crafted clothing for a shoot.

In this series of photographs, I tried to portray the combination of the East and West in Hong Kong that I have always been curious of while growing up.  I wanted the model to embody the various personalities of Hong Kong, such as the owner of the porcelain shop.  By having her clad in unusual designs and shooting in traditional places, I felt like it satisfied the theme I had in mind.


Model: Rhona Peterson
Clothing designed by Mandy Cheung
Makeup Artist: Moe Chan
Hair Stylist: Vivian Chan


– Hagan Law

online portfolio is available at http://cargocollective.com/hagandaz

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