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Pink was the colour on the 23rd of June, at Hong Lim Park. Where supporters gathered together to promote the freedom to love. Beneath the good food, drinks, company and smiles there was an important purpose. I managed to speak to a few people, and here is what they had to say:

“I came here today to support my friend. I don’t think she came in the end. Looking around really makes me think. Some of the people here are more capable of accepting themselves, and just being who they are, then I am… Supporting the freedom to love is helping others accept themselves, and just be who they are. Everybody needs that, and I don’t see why we can’t help each other”

“… Coming to pink dot was publicly proclaiming to my parents that I was gay. It seemed to hurt them at first, but there shouldn’t be any reason why it should. Anyway it hurt me too that, that they felt the way that they did. I just want to be happy, and I want them to be happy for me. I decided that I was ready to be truthful, to myself and the people around me, about who I am. I guess it’ll just take more time for some people to accept who I really am. The current situation amassed because I was never truthful from the start, with my parents that is. That’s pretty important. Starting right, and letting them know early, rather than coming up with ridiculous lies. You end up lying to them and yourself. Even though when I was a teenager I thought it was just a phase, letting them and others know early would have made a difference. I was still sorting out who I was, with who I thought I wanted to be. That’s the inherent thing isn’t it? Sometimes it feels like we can’t choose who we are, we’re just thrown into the situation. I think behind all the smiles everyone has this battle inside of them, maybe some have already won it. I pray that I win it soon too, but I know I’m not alone. Coming here reminds me of that.”

“This weekend is the 6th anniversary for my partner and I, so it’s pretty great that we can come here. I love her and she loves me. People haven’t always been comfortable with that, and as corny as it sounds I have her and life’s great. I’ve never seen the need to separate or delegate what should be done by a person. We’re free agents, listlessly drifting around until we find what we want to do and who we want to be with. If something is so great I don’t see why society can call it wrong”

“I’m sorta here today for work. But my best friend’s here too, I support her. I accept her for who she is, and I just want her to feel… okay with herself. Sometimes words cannot express how much you want that, hopefully today helps. She’s lost, and I can’t help her much. I honestly don’t understand what it must be like, and I probably never will. That’s one of the worst feelings in the world; as if nobody understands and that you have to get out of the situation by yourself. As a friend you never want somebody you care about feel that way, and I can’t see why anyone should be left to feel that way. I hope everyone finds what they’re looking for here.”

– Amelia Fong

Photos by Abdul Hafiz

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