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Pink Dot SG 2011

Video campaign for Pink Dot 2011 by Boo Junfeng.

The time has come again for all our liberal hearts and open minds to come together and celebrate, appreciate and advocate the freedom for anyone to love anyone they please! Of course, we’re talking about this year’s Pink Dot, a national event that gathers all participants to create a pink dot to show support for the LGBT community in Singapore; an event that has inspired others like it in cities such as NYC, London, Anchorage and more.

What’s special about Pink Dot 2011, however, is that Google Singapore has publicly announced their support for the event. Pink Dot 2011 marks the first time that such an international company has publicly advocated Pink Dot and its values, and Google Singapore has pledged their support to the event.

“We are heartened and very humbled that international players such as Google Singapore are making a clear stand on embracing diversity through their support of Pink Dot 2011. Many in Singapore’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community feel they are unable to be open  about their sexuality for fear of discrimination and prejudice. Google Singapore’s support of Pink Dot 2011 and its inclusive values is an important step in promoting a non-discriminatory environment and improving the lives of the Singapore’s LGBT community”, says Pink Dot spokesperson Rebecca Ling.

Our hats off to the people at Google!

The event will play host to a selection of Singapore’s entertainers, including Dim Sum Dollies, Broadway Beng Sebastian Tan, Jill Marie Thomas and dance group Voguelicious.

Pink Dot will take place at Hong Lim Park on 18th June 2011, where all participants and visitors are highly encouraged to wear—what else?—pink! Activities commence 4.30pm, Concert begins at 5pm, Dot is formed at 6pm.

For more information, visit Pink Dot SG @ http://www.pinkdot.sg

– Jolin

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