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Perfection In Imperfection | Moongaze

Now that we’ve been hit by the ‘armparty’ bug, and the whole she-bang of accessorizing is a form of personalizing style, handcrafted jewellery couldn’t get any more personal than this. Jilian Soon, founder and designer of Moongaze (isn’t the name just awesome?), weaves her magic into eclectic and wearable pieces that will zhuzh up your look in a snap. The festive baubles of Moongaze are created with raw natural stones that exude a certain sentimental aura. It’s only just the beginning for Moongaze, but already we feel it’s something special.



Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Jillian Soon, 20, founder and designer of a line of handcrafted jewelry, Moongaze. On the sideline, I am a student studying Arts Management. This is my debut jewellery line.



What is Moongaze?

 Inspired by the raw, sentimental, paleness, taciturnity and vintage inklings, Moongaze is line of handcrafted bijoux. A handcrafted jewellery line of chains, bracelets and other adornments, Moongaze launches its first handmade stone rivière. A passionate crafter and lover of Art and Design, Moongaze’s aesthetic is that of an East meets West dialectic. Each design is hand-weaved and constructed solely by Moongaze.



Why/how did you pick such a beautiful name like Moongaze?

 Each day comes and goes, nothing is static for me. I love staring at the static and composed nature of the moon each night. I love gazing at the translucent moon that looks like it’s covered with scarring (the grayish shadows). To me, that is perfection in imperfection. That I guess is where the “rawness” of my jewelry line inspiration derives from. My mandarin name also translates into “Moon Pavilion”, hence the correlation to Moongaze.



What is a typical jewelry design process like for you?

 Picking inspiration is vital, whether be it nature, history, the Internet, my Peranakan roots, dreams or reality, they all get pinned on my inspiration board or moleskin. Sourcing for stones is another big thing for me as all my jewelry incorporates a stone element. I gather all other materials both locally and internationally before I start to handcraft each piece. I usually craft a few designs before deciding on which ones make it to my line.



What are some of the materials you use?

Raw natural stones like Lapis Lazuli, Agates, Chrysophases, Florites, Natural diamonds, Corals, Aquamarines and more. Besides, I use artistic wires, beads and other elements to create a look that is both visually and aesthetically pleasing.



Who is your dream customer?

 Moongaze’s customer is one who appreciates the rawness of a jewelry piece, the handcrafted look of each piece and one who loves all things sentimental and beautiful.



What plans do you have for Moongaze in the future?

 I hope to launch the line on an international platform, something like boticca.com, which is a website that holds unique jewelry – an online marketplace for independent designers. More interesting pieces like hand painted cuffs will be on sale very soon. I still have loads to improve on!


To find out more about Moongaze and the perfect handcrafted jewellery it offers, go here.


– Liyana Meer 





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