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People in the World | LIVY VONGOH


Today’s spotlight is on Livy Vongoh, a design student currently residing in London. Her humourous and perky personality shines through as she converses with us for the interview. Read on as she tells on London’s best hang out spots and reveals her secret affinity with microwaves.

City you live in now, how long have you been living there?

Livy: London for 1.5 years and counting.


L: BA Product Design Student.

A day in your life, what occurs.

L: Well, I’d like to think Uni, and working hard. But not everything goes as planned, does it? (sniggers). Every day is nuts, there really is no typical day.

What languages do you speak?

L: English, German, Mandarin, Indonesian and French. Yes, I do get confused and speak gibberish.

Music you listen to now?

L: Soul, Lounge and French electro. But I do enjoy the odd head-banging from time to time. Definitely love going to music festivals to experiment.

Your friends like you because…

L: Weird events happen to me and they find it entertaining. I’m always up for a good laughing fit and adventure. I also have a twitch, that’s possibly why…

Describe your humble abode

L: I used to live in a tiny ghetto room but have since upgraded. My heart rate has gone down quite a bit now and I might live a little longer

Livy demonstrating an everyday routine of the ghetto lifestyle. Prison Break style.

Your recommended hotels (in your city)

L: Hotel St Martins Lane and Blakes hotel. They definitely take the cake for boutique hotels. If you’re a big fan of Interior, you are guaranteed eyegasms. Sanctum Soho Hotel is also rather swanky.

Your recommended restaurants (in your city)

L: There is an intense gathering of lovely restaurants in Soho. Among my favourites would be Busaba for Thai, Yautcha for Dim Sum at night and The Breakfast Club for hungover brunches. Also, it’s worth the trek to go to Borough Market and Obscure Pubs to get some local grub. Don’t eat with a tour group, eat with your localized friend.

Your recommended café (in your city)

L: Sketch in Central London and The Bridge in Shoreditch. The ambience is out of this world.

Your city’s “Best Kept” secret

L: Definitely a unique café called –Look Mum No Hands!- on Old street. London has some of the biggest bicycle geeks you could ever encounter. It is a lifestyle. This is where they can congregate and it’s decorated with the most beautiful vintage bikes. Not to mention they have a parking/repair service inside and lush drinks.

We should visit your city because …

L: Of the humour, crazy Londoners, the hip buzz, the vintage stores, the underground music, etc. Don’t think, just buy that ticket and come here already.

With the current community you are in, how do you stand out from the crowd?

L: (laughs) Unless you’re an albino, rhino headed dwarf that belts opera in Scottish slang, don’t bother standing out.

"What do we do?" "WE RUN."

Where is your favourite hang-out place?

L: Quirky Cafés, Underground Clubs, Markets with buskers, and unknown streets. And On grass in the summer.

In your free time what do you like to do?

L: Film making, Photography and bad singing mostly. I also indulge in animal documentaries.

How do you define your style?

L: Depends on the shade of grey in the sky. I’m inspired by Napoleon Dynamite, Retro Aliens and bad-ass androgyny. However, in the workshop, we have to dress to get grimy. Doc Martens and T-shirts.

Where do you like to shop (in your city?)

L: The Sale Shop on Pitfield Street, Brick Lane & Neal Street. I salute you if you can resist shopping in London.

Reveal a side of yourself that no one knows.

L: That’s difficult to pinpoint. One thing not many know is that I am useless at microwaving popcorn. I have set off countless alarms and have a foul reputation with the older neighbours. I received a beautifully hand-written note saying, “ Microwave Popcorn again and we will microwave you.” I’m sure they meant it lovingly.

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