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Le Messie | FALSE Brand & Subsidiaries

A clean bald scalp, with tribal tattoos for hair; a walking wardrobe of black apparels and torn denims, woven with the threads of bad-ass; Le Messie may seem like a hell rider bent on mayhem. But he prefers to keep it real, a clothing line pressing handmade apparels, post-punk music producer with Lupe Fiasco, and a music remixer kind of real. Actually Mag speaks to the multi-talented creative entrepreneur about his label, music and beliefs.

Tell us about your clothing label and what’s it all about.

I run FALSE Brand & Subsidiaries http://tv.wearefalse.com/ (Better Off Dead, Fallacy Of Rome www.fallacyofrome.com, FALSE Sounds) with my lovely wife Amanda Scully. We are most known for our individually hand-screened and hand-finished garments and for our ethos of quality over quantity along with our left-field message and movement.

We run our labels more like an on-going art project as opposed to a business, individually hand-screening, hand-making or hand-finishing each and every single item we produce, making sure everything passes through our very own hands before reaching our clients.

My works are heavily inspired by insurgent causes and rebel movements throughout history. You could call us your quintessential modern day anarchistic brand albeit controversial at times. I make items of message and movement and I try to evoke the same sentiments I have on a global scale through my work to attract the like-minded. The Anarchism I preach through my movement and works is Noam Chomsky’s Anarchism and is an intelligent one based on the political philosophy of Libertarian Socialism.

Our creative network is run more like a movement than a brand with passionate individuals lending aid to our cause and message internationally through a grass-roots level.

We are lucky to have a list of high-profile individuals in various fields of entertainment support our cause and movement. They have brought our message to a much larger audience to be filtered through.

You’ve got your finger in a couple of pies with your fashion label FALSE, your band Japanese Cartoon with Lupe Fiasco, and music project Death By Disco. Did we miss anything out? Tell us more about each of the pies you’re on.

Yes I’ve got creative OCD!

FALSE is a parent label to Better Off Dead and Fallacy Of Rome. Better Off Dead fills the role of the younger rebellious sibling to an already anarchistic driven older FALSE. The messages within are a lot more obvious and hold a more tongue in cheek view on various idolistic apparitions. It filled a role that hadn’t been filled in the market for more than obvious reasons in its parody factor. Check B.O.D out at www.wearebod.com

Fallacy Of Rome is a co-brand I own with my long-time friend Lupe Fiasco. Evident from the title of the brand we harbor many anarcho minded theories within the label. We work as and when we feel a need to release.

Japanese Cartoon http://www.allsabotage.com/ is a post punk band I’m in with Lupe Fiasco and two other members Graham Burris and Matt Nelson. We’re currently in works of our next release.

Death By Disco www.mydeathbydisco.com is a new electro music project I started awhile back where I play with a new modern live midi performance style called “Controllerism” and where I make digital remakes and remixes of tracks that I feel my twist on would be relevant.

How do you manage everything both professionally and creatively?

With relative ease surprisingly, I’ve been working in this mode for over the past half a decade, it’s become second nature to me switching between each project/brand. I enjoy the ability to diversely express myself through so many ways and for it to be the thing I do on a daily basis. Truly blessed, I wake each morning with a huge sense of urgency to constantly do my craft!

What are your personal beliefs and in what way do you apply it to your work?

I am a student of mystical and spiritual teachings and I’ve been imbuing my life with the awareness and views I’ve learned within. Amanda S. and myself are both Pescatarians (consume only fish and veg) and have both eradicated smoking, drinking and don’t do drugs. Through a healthy lifestyle it helps us to be aware of our minds, environment and selves, which has aided much in the way I output my works. I have a much clearer emotional state and understanding to my worldly surroundings it’s made my works more concise. The way we lead our lives also are a direct representation of how we run our brands and movement, with a strong activist hand at each and every angle we find the ability to. I would definitely run the label very differently if I had not gone on the path of mental transformation through the spiritual formation.

There are those who create out of the demand of a collective consciousness. Where does your creativity come from?

Yes you could say we are anti-trends by far. You could say I get the demand from Gaia (Earth Goddess) consciousness. Being an activist in some form of another builds my creative visions and I just follow suit.

The challenges you’ve faced integrating both left and right brain abilities, between profit and passion, construction and creativity, viability and vision. In what way do you navigate these seemingly different worlds for the purpose of your reality?

I struggled with this early on but over the past 4 years we’ve found the right left hand path to what we do. It’s simple; we do whatever we deem pleases us creatively, when we want and how we want to do it. Very much like an artist working through various visual shows, I work similarly through different seasons. We’ve been blessed to have grown a following of clients and retailers around the globe that whole heartedly understand how we function. It’s very important for me to have that free way of thinking in the way I output my work and to have the right individuals and entities around us that support our movement.
In your opinion what do you think makes a product stand out from the rest? What does standing out means to you?

“Message”, what does that body of work promote – stand for – is apart of – how does it relate to the individual you are trying to promote the message too – what multiple forms does the message entail… how many angles can it be perceived from and it goes on. Without the message, a product is like a bare shell without a soul.

What’s new from your fashion line?

We got some really nice hand-made denim messenger bags that we’ve been working on this season, which will definitely be a centerpiece to the upcoming season!
How will the rest of 2011 look like for you?

Really busy, preparing some launch shows for the brands and I’ll be releasing individual seasons for the first time for each of our upcoming Fall/Winter and holiday seasons. Not to mention my works with Japanese Cartoon and an EP I’m releasing under my Death By Disco project! I’ve been on a creative binge lately… had to get everything out of my head before they left the mind space! That’s my 2011 for ya…

Famous last words?

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot” than the stigma of conformity.” -Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

-Lose Your Illusions… Everything is FALSE.

– Zul Andra

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