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James Dobson is the designer of Jimmy D and boutique co-owner of Children of Vision. Dobson continues to win the world over with his signature dark look with wry sense of humour. With big hopes of exapanding his label and his store in the near future, Dobson loves seeing his collections sit alongside some of his favourite designers from around the globe. This talented young man is definitely set for world domination.


Where do you live now and how long have you been living there?

I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand and I have been living here for about 8 years.


What/Where are you currently working as/at?

I co-own a boutique that specialises in established and emerging international (and a few local) fashion designers called ‘Children of Vision’, with my friend Vicky Chan. I also have my own label, ‘Jimmy D’ which is all about unisex, drippy and black layers.


What languages are you able to speak?

English, basic Japanese and some naughty words in Cantonese that Vicky taught me..


Describe your personality

It would be better to ask someone else! I don’t know… Friendly, humourous, sometimes an introvert/extrovert.


What kind of music are you listening to now?

An eclectic mix of Class Actress, Glass Candy, Soft Moon, Austra, Beth Ditto, Metronomy and shameless pop from the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga.


Which do you spend more time on; TV series, movies or books? Name three to five of your favourite titles.

I don’t nearly get enough time to read except when I’m travelling but I always gravitate towards books by Brett Easton Ellis, Douglas Coupland or Dave Eggers. In terms of TV, since the series of True Blood ended, I have been consoling myself with reality TV shows and cooking programmes.


Where should we stay on our visit to Auckland?

The Hotel de Brett in the city and The Chatham, Auckland which is near my favourite place in Auckland – Karanghape Road (where my store and workroom is!)


What is your favourite restaurant in Auckland?

Coco’s Cantica on Karanghape Road is our consistent go-to restaurant. The owners, Damaris and Renee are the best hosts around! We also find ourselves at Sunday Painters on Ponsonby Road or have amazing (and cheap!) Chinese food at New Flavour on Dominion Road.


Which café in Auckland would you recommend us to visit?

Alleluya Café is right outside our store. The staff are amazing, the food is hearty and the coffee is nice and strong. Mr Morning on Karanghape Road is owned by the Coco’s Cantina girls, so expect the same friendly service, yummy sandwiches and a dangerous selection of doughnuts. The also play the best music in the morning – A coffee and Dolly Parton is a great way to start the day!


Share with us some awesome stores in Auckland.

The Children of Vision (of course!) has labels , books, magazines and jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else in Auckland, but then I may be biased. Magnation, for the best selection of airfreighted magazines, Wunderkammer for men’s imports (think Demeulemeester, Comme des Garcons etc) as well as some incredible jewelry by Zora Boyd and it’s my favourite place to buy Comme des Garcons perfume and candles. Also Douglas & Bec for beautiful homewares and quirky accessories. Stephen Marr is an essential stop for the best haircut in Auckland and some pampering treatment.


What is Auckland’s best kept secret?

1) The La Cigale French Farmers Market held on Saturdays and Sundays is a great way to start the weekend. You must grab a coffee, some pastries and stock up on some beautiful cheese, freshly baked bread and my personal favourite, the amazing Moroccan flat bread with Labneh – Yum!

2) Flotsam & Jetsam in Grey Lynn is also worth checking out for quirky antiques and retro finds – the owner, Cameron Woodcock has an incredible eye.

3) The redeveloped Wynyard Quarter on the waterfront looks amazing. Get some fish and chips and sit on the wharf while watching the tug boats come in – Bilss!


We should visit your city because …

Culturally, Auckland has heaps to offer and we have many great galleries (the new Auckland City Art Gallery is stunning), theatre and some of the best cafes, restaurants and bars in the world. And if you want to get away from it all, we are situated really close to stunning beaches that feel like you’re a million miles away from civilisation.


What are the last 3 cities you visited?

Wellington, London, Paris.


Which city do you plan to visit next?

I’m dying to go to New York and Tokyo. However, I will be heading to Paris again for another round of buying in February.


What do you do in your free time?

I don’t tend to get a lot of free time, but sometimes the simple pleasure of hanging out at cafés with friends  or a taking nice walk around the waterfront can be pretty revitalising.

Describe your personal style.

I tend to wear a lot of black, skinny pants and voluminous, draping layers. I usually wear my own label or Complexgeometries, Rad Hourani and Pleasure Principle.


Do you have a life quote?

“We are all of us born with a letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die.”  – Douglas Coupland


Which would you choose; Android, Blackberry or Iphone?

I actually have an Android phone and an Ipod Touch so I kind of have the best of both worlds.


What are some of your facourite Ipod applications?

I’ve been obssessed with Flipboard recently, it’s pretty amazing! I’ve also been using Instagram heaps. ‘TubeMap’ was well used in London,  and ‘CityMaps2Go’ is an awesome application when you touch down in a city 3G is inaccessible (maps are downloaded instead of relying on GPS). I also recently downloaded Pocketbooth which is a photobooth-like application that I reckon will be fun for Christmas party snaps. I’m such a sucker for photo applications.


Do you have a profile in any social network (facebook, myspace, linkedin etc).  Do you have your own blog ?

Children of Vision – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Jimmy D – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress


– Liyana Meer


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