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People in the World | Iann Ethel Chua

Despite her nonchalant facade with tattoos and chic sense of style, Iann is someone who is actually bubbly and smiley. She, being a extrovert benefitted not only in her social circle but also in her career, as a social media executive. Being an extrovert with a strong sense of individualism and style, she sits down with us to share more about herself, behind her tough and blasé exterior.

Where do you live now and how long have you been living there? 

I’m a Singaporean, and have been living in Singapore my whole life haha.

What/Where are you currently working as/at?

I am a social media executive for Artelounge.net. I am in charge of networking and all the various social media platform.

What are the languages that you are able to speak?

I speak English, Hokkien and Chinese.

Describe your personality.

My personality is bubbly and some people would describe me as a goofball. I like interacting with people of all walks of life. I like hearing about their life story!

What kind of music do you listen to? 

My music preference varies on my mood. It could range from The creed, Queen Nicki to Norah Jones. 

Where should we stay on our visit to your country?

If you ever come to Singapore, consider staying at scarlet hotel? I love the interior of this place and how accessible to one of the most popular tourist hotspot; Chinatown. And yes, cafes, restaurants, pubs, Hawker centres, wet market and Chinese restaurants are within walking distance!

What is your favourite restaurant around your area? 

My Favourite restaurant… I don’t have one. I prefer cafes and Hawkers centre food but if i have to pick one it’s gotta be Haidilao at vivo? I even made friends with the waitress(yes we whatsapp each other)

What do you do in your free time?

I am a bookworm in my free time. I absolutely love reading. Or I head out with my dad or friends to eat. 


Describe your personal style.

My fashion sense is described by my friends as quirky. I don’t have a specific style but I like to dress comfortably. I try to experiment with different styles every time. 

Favourite brands?

My Favourite international Brands include Zara, Massimo dutti, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo and Versace. 

Local Brands include Exhibit Store by Yoyo Cao I absolutely love the style of their outfits how they can be so unique and yet so comfy for Everyday wear. I like retailers like Soon Lee, Actuallysg and Kapok because they bring in different Brands that are not easily available in the Singapore market currently.

What is your life motto?

My life motto is to be happy and appreciate every thing that I have or is given to me; strangely it’s easier said than done!

What do you think the most attractive quality in a person?

I think the most attractive personality of anyone is Kindness. Always be kind to one another. 

Do you have a profile in any social media platforms?

I have several social media platforms! @tattsnotme on instagram & twitter.

My Favourite social media app would be instagram! It’s so convenient with the uploading of pictures, videos and now you can go live or just update your insta story on the go. I love it! 

Interview by Amos Chin 

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