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PAINT MASH UP at VERY Wooonderland’s Pop Up Store | Ashish x Underground

The Glass House at ION has sure been seeing a lot of action recently. From the 4th to 17th July, the folks at VERY Wooonderland have become its temporary tenants and transformed the Glass House into a Pop-up store as a tie-in to the launch of London based brand Underground and their line of Creeper shoes. Situated defiantly right smack in front of the main entrance at ION, it’s been attracting a fair share of curious looks and interested passersby—and it’s no wonder. You can spot a pair of creepers from a mile away. When it comes to a shop full of them, well, you’re sure to encounter more than couple of double takes.

Epitomizing the spirit of British Rock’n’Roll with their punk inspired footwear, the Underground label was born in the 1980s and has stayed true to their roots, eschewing fashion trends in favor of unabashed pride in what they believe in and a tendency towards rebellion. This is the first time that they have stomped onto Singapore shores and there was no better way to make a grand entrance than to have a party.

Front: Elson's DIY creepers / Back: Kurt CTDK's version

Said party thus assumed the form of the Paint Mash Up event, which took place last Saturday on the 9th of July.  Local scenesters such as jewelry designer Nicole Wong, tattoo artist Elson Yeo and DJ Linda Hao were invited to design their own pair of Underground creepers from the limited edition Ashish x Underground line. With the help of some Wite-Out, paint markers, and other miscellaneous bibs and bobs, each of the guest artists got down to business and the shoes were transformed into unique statement pieces as well as playful extensions of their personalities. From ClogTwo’s graffiti adorned pair to Butter Club owner Bobby’s monstrous googly eyed creation and solo singer-songwriter Daryl Aiden’s hipster approved customisations, each pair of shoes, while differing aesthetically, were each gutsy and brazen creations in their own right; serving as befitting tributes to the Underground brand.

The creepers will be available at Actually…, ActuallyActually and VERY Wooonderland once the Glass House pop up store closes its doors on the 17th July. Get them before they become ubiquitous, because we predict that soon enough everybody would want a pair.


Images by Zhiwei and Hafiz

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