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Owl City The Midsummer Station Acoustic EP | Review


Following in the footsteps of his Canadian counterpart, LIGHTS, Owl City has released an acoustic EP of his album, The Midsummer Station. Packed with three of the same tracks found on the non-acoustic album, such as Gold, Good Time and Shooting Star, the acoustic EP also features two unreleased tracks titled Hey Anna and I Hope You Think Of Me.


Starting with Good Time (that featured Carly Rae Jepsen), the track just sounds like a slowed down version of the original. Despite the fact that it’s not as upbeat as the original, it still possess of some of the synth-swirls and reverberations. Forgive me if I’m wrong but aren’t acoustic albums suppose to be, well, minimalistic? To me, this track just sounded like a draft that didn’t make the cut of the first album. Still, I love how the melody flows in this track and I prefer it much more to the original.

Next up, Owl City indulges listeners with his piano-playing prowess in Shooting Star. I mean, the guy is talented with his piano and it’s very apparent here. Somehow, this piece reminds me of Owl City back in his Vanilla Twilight days. The lyrics are saccharine sweet and the piano accompaniment might just move some to tears.

Moving on to the previously unreleased tracks, Hey Anna is a clear winner for me. The track sounds slightly like what Swedish producer Kleerup might put out and the melodies are generally very new to Owl City. As much as I do like I Hope You Think Of Me, somehow, it doesn’t quite appeal to me the way Hey Anna does.




Overall, this EP is a great one to hold fans over until his upcoming installment comes out. Still, I’m slightly disappointed by how it didn’t vary much from the original album, The Midsummer Station. I was kind of hoping for it to be a little like what LIGHTS did with Siberia Acoustic where she added new elements and collaborated with others.

Owl City has mentioned that his upcoming album will feature more EDM songs and will sound edgier. Personally, I’m pretty excited for it but at the same time, I’m hoping that he doesn’t change too much.



Text by: Atika Lim 



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