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Ones To Watch | Emily, Sally & Raisa

Here at ActuallyMAG, being ahead of the curve is big-time. And we know you’re on the same wavelength. This time,we’re bringing to you some amazing talent that you need to know about. The pair of sisters-photographers who share a great eye? Check. A journalist that doubles as amarcomm executive with a passion for styling? Check, check. Of course when these mega-talents get together for a test shoot, their creative capacities are off the walls.


Emily and Sally Gunawan and Elisabeth Raisa Tanawi are forces to be reckoned with. These three young girls from Indonesia have been online friends for the longest time and decided to collaborate when Emily and Sally were in town. The power duo (Emily and Sally) gave complete freedom to Raisa to put together and incorporate looks for the shoot. Raisa is a marketing communications executive and journalist, so surely having one foot in the creative industry would typically ensue an impeccable style.


“For this shoot, I added elements of my style in the outfits. My styling is all about what I would love to wear out so I said to the girls that the styling would be 100% my style. I pictured the story of a tourist who came to Singapore in her winter clothes, so the clothes were really heavy and the progression was for her clothes to get much lighted since Singapore is after all a tropical country,” Raisa explained.


As for the pint-sized sisters, clearly their portfolio speaks volumes of their talent. Emily and Sally are three years apart and it’s certainly refreshing to see their chemistry as siblings both on and off work. “There are some differences in the way we work together during a shoot but I think we complement each other’s style and vision. Often when we have are thinking, we find ourselves having the same thoughts and we even complete each other’s sentences! We could have possibly been twins!” Emily exclaimed.


Just five minutes into the interview and we were convinced that these three girls had a successful shoot. The chemistry with Emily, Sally and Elisabeth is undeniable as they banter back and forth with excitement of the outcome of the shoot. Sally shared, “This is probably one of the most happiest shoots I’ve ever had! We’ve never shot and collaborated overseas before so this was definitely very exciting. The styling of the shoot was very colourful, the people in Singapore are very nice as well as the amazing location. Even the model was amazing! So for Emily and myself it’s sort of vacation and pleasure”.


Evidently seen in the photos, the girls brought to life a side of Haji Lane that we know but have somewhat dismissed. The colours and light in the images are strikingly vivid. They’ve got the styling, makeup and art direction down to a pat too. Anyone that can incorporate this much flavour in their craft is most certainly on our radar.


“The location was a pivotal part of our shoot today and it was the pinpoint of our art direction and styling as well. We decided on patterns so I thought about layering on as many textures, patterns and colours and mixing them all up”, Raisa elaborated.


Since the three girls were all from Indonesia, they shared their sentiments about the fashion and photography scene there.  Emily explained that, “In Jakarta, the art scene is dominated by senior photographers. Now, we are trying to represent the younger generation”. Raisa added that, “The scene in Jakarta is very budding. It’s just that we don’t have the right amount of media exposure”.


In a nutshell, believe when we say that these mega talents are the ones to watch out for – The new creative game changers you need to know!


Styling: Elizabeth Raisa

Clothes: ActuallyActually- 15A Purvis St

Photography: Sally & Emily Gunawan

Hair & Make-up: Shirley Damian

Model: Laís Santos from Upfront Models


Check out more of Emily & Sally’s amazing portfolio here.


– Liyana Meer

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