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Off the Grid

I love how we live in a time of possibilities. Never before, do have we the technology to connect, collaborate and create… for social good, for business and even for enjoying life.


That’s the feeling I kept having this trip to San Francisco.


I met amazing people who were thought leaders and social change agents, just bursting with energy to change the world. It was a techy immersion experience at America’s largest tech conference – Dreamforce 2011. My travel companions were smart, geeky, fun and a great joy to be with. Like crescendo moments in a piece of music, great food experiences peppered the trip.


The stomach beckons.


Should we venture out to a yelp-recommended restaurant? Or shall we try eating out of food trucks?


Food trucks? Were they like food carts in Singapore?


It was a cool and foggy evening. We drove to Fort Mason to look for the party. No signs of anybody. Did we miss it? Was it over? We called up our local friend – “Did we get the place right?”. “Come and pick me up. I’ll get you guys there”.


I’m sure glad we did.


It was like a food-flea market. Lines of people were waiting in the cold to get a piping hot Asian snack. Sounds from the live band tingles your ears in the background. You take in the flavorful smells, the shouts of the food truck vendors. There was a happy hippy vibe about that place; a temporal-vacation-caravan feel.


We circle around. Satay? Neh… Korean? Not really. We finally settled on Filipino. My Filipino travel mates recommended us to try “Sisig”. “Sisig” is a dish where the parts of the pig’s head is cooked, chopped and served (you should have seen my face). In the spirit of adventure, we went for it (we also ordered a ‘safe’ option of minced chicken, just in case). Turns out, it was very tasty and yummy. It tastes even better, when it is washed down by “Cali”, a Filipino pineapple-sparkling soda. A San Miguel will be good too. No wonder they say some of the best food in America are served from these humble food trucks.


There’s an amazing quality about food on how it brings people together. I wonder, who started this food truck movement? Who started the process? How did it catch on? Can we organize a food-truck day where certain proceeds go to charity? Can we bring a food-truck party to needy kids? What other new food experiences can we create?

– Jael Chng

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