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Obedient Wives Club | This Month’s Featured Band


Fuzzy 60s-inspired indie pop has invaded our office! That’s right, this month is all about supporting our local artists and gracing our first local band cover is none other than, Obedient Wives Club.

Brilliantly labelling their music as “Spectorgaze”  and bringing us fuzzed out girl-fronted indie pop that is missing from our local indie scene, we fell head over heels with Obedient Wives Club when we first heard their self-titled EP back in July 2012. Listening to YinQi’s sweet vocals mixed with the band’s lo-fi sound of punchy drums and creative noises from the guitars, their music takes us to a rooftop party in summertime!

The band has come a long way since their humble beginnings and debut at Baybeats 2012 which gained them the recognition they deserved. After numerous gigs and even being dubbed as Singapore’s very own Best Coast, Obedient Wives Club is releasing their second album on 15 February, creatively titled “Murder Kill Baby”.

Despite their busy schedule with day jobs and a much anticipated album launch at Homeclub next week, we managed to squeeze in an interview with Keith Tan, guitarist and pretty much mastermind of the band.




Hi Keith! So how’s preparations for the launch at Homeclub next week?

It’s been pretty stressful. I’m running a one man show with dealing with the record labels, trying to make sure everything gets done on time. I’ve also been designing and printing invites, meeting up with people from the media. We are also doing up Homeclub a little for the launch and I’ve recently just settled the decor for that night.

I’ve also been busy writing new songs with Yinqi. She and I completed a few over the weekend and hope to premier them at the launch.



Out of curiosity, we were wondering what’s the story behind the album’s name?

It came out of Mia’s (the baby on our S/T EP) mouth, sort of. There was a period when her favourite things to say were, ‘I will kill you!’, ‘I will murder you!’.



What can listeners/fans expect from “Murder Kill Baby”, compared to your last EP?

Better songs! I think we’ve kind of moved away from the 2 min noise pop songs. In fact, we’ve dropped most of the songs off our debut from our setlist. Things happened so quickly from formation to the record deal (less than 2 months), songs were written very quickly, not to mention I’ve never written prior to Obedient Wives Club, so we were definately still at the learning phase. This batch of songs are better written and worked out since we had time and our own space to be creative.



You guys recently posted on your facebook that “Murder Kill Baby” are available in cassette of assorted colours on Soft Power! Whose idea was this to produce the album into cassettes, aside from regular disc?

It was all Soft Power! They’re an analogue label. Bek came up with the idea of the tapes in 2 colours. Initially, I suggested 4 colours of 25 each but she came up with an even better idea of some colours being more limited than others.



Last question! How would you describe “Murder Kill Baby” in three words?

Candy Floss Nightmare! (it’s 3 words.. I think.. I googled!)





“Murder Kill Baby” will be out at their album launch at Homeclub on 15 February!
Supporting them for their launch will be their label mates, Rocketswan.

Entry at $12 includes one free drink.
Text by: Erin Riduan
Photographs by: Little Ong


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