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Not your run-of-the-mill band of vandals

Maybe “vandals” is not the right word. But, if my teacher called me out on doodling a tiny flower on the cover page of my test paper for “vandalism”, these guys are definitely way beyond that spectrum.


The Band of Doodlers or “white space bandits” is a doodling community started by founder Mas Shafreen(Wanton Doodle) in late 2013 with the mission to rid the world of blank spaces by filling them with characters and doodles. Mas also saw this as an opportunity to create an inclusive platform to promote collaboration and co-creation through something many of us are surely guilty of when sitting in class forced to listen to our dear old teachers–doodling. That’s right, I’m talking to you, internet person.

Ultimately, their goal is to promote interactive arts and interaction through arts as they advocate fun community collaborations through live doodling performances. What a noble bunch of bandits.


Their gang stands at more than 450 members strong bolstered by more than 150 artists, including renowned illustrators from Singapore and the region.

Photo by @bandofdoodlers on Instagram

Some of the atrocities they have committed include drawing a canvas full of cats when dogs are clearly better and also being too good at doing what they do. But, you should probably also know that they have doodled for the Singapore Grand Prix, Adidas, Starbucks, National Arts Council and SCAPE, among many others. They are also responsible for setting a Singapore Guinness Book Record for the largest drawn banner for SG50 World Water Day in 2015, a community contribution to promote water conservation.

Their latest antic, 52 Tales, is a collection of narrative illustrations depicting legends, passions, facts and folklore all about our little red dot. From the story of how Redhill got its name to the reason why the Singapore Flyer rotates upstream, The Band of Doodlers has invited over 200 local and international artists to co-create in giving their own spin to every unique Singapore tale.


Also, to celebrate Singapore’s 52 years of nation-building, The Band of Doodlers has lined up some activities such as the 52 Tales: Pop-Up Exhibitions, in collaboration with Noise Singapore, which is a series of islandwide exhibitions by the youth for the youth. If you are ever in the mood of seeing a doodler’s interpretation of some local stories, feel free to check here to find an exhibition near you.

Photo by @bandofdoodlers on Instagram

Or, are you a doodler who wishes to wield your pen to give life to your art? Do you have a quirky idea or twist to some of the greatest stories told here in Singapore? Also, are you between the ages 15 to 35? If you said yes to the previous questions, click here to have your very own artworks displayed in one of the exhibitions!


The Band of Doodlers has continuously been unstoppable in their crusade to claim every empty space in the world. Armed with their pens of creation and a seemingly-unending supply of creativity, they continue to doodle all over white spaces and draw more attention from other doodlers all around the world. No empty space is safe from their wrath.

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