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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I love how technology opens up possibilities and opportunities for us to wander from the usual to explore the new. The digital revolution is akin to the evolution of transport, where we could travel physically further and faster. Now, we travel with our fingers.

With a website and Facebook page, we see lovely niche stores popping up, giving us so many options to find what resonates and represents us.

Last August, n.beely was born. My ex-colleague, Grace Wong, started this label in Hong Kong. She curates the collection by selecting vintage pieces from Korea. What struck me was her lookbook – her porcelain face, elfish silhouette and playful personality brings out the essence of the label. We had a quick Q&A with her:


What made you start the label?

Doing something related to fashion has always been a dream since young. I love clothes and I enjoy mixing and matching them for different looks. Hunting for good vintage pieces has always been my hobby. I believe that by looking to the past, it provides new and different options. It is my wish to share my fashion style and I feel happy when others appreciate my taste. I love for others to share the feeling of bringing home a lovely piece that nobody else owns.



How would you describe the style and feel of n.beely?

I want people to recognize my style as one that is different from the usual trends in Hong Kong. I believe fashion presents a blank canvas for unlimited possibilities. It is my hope that people will find n.beely to be simple, minimalist and desirable. To me, less is always more. I want to bring out the feel that vintage could be worn stylishly and is not outdated.



Where do you hope the label will go?

I would like to own a storefront for n.beely in the future. I envision a lovely space where people could enjoy browsing and trying out my selected vintage collection.




n.beely ships internationally.

For more, go to:




Text by: Jael Chng
*Images courtesy of n.beely






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