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Say Hi to Hilo.. and Outside Brand!


On April 2016, Paul Khor, the creative mind behind everything here, started his first venture into the world of retail, and founded Actually... A retail store that brings us variety of unique products and brands all over the world. The job came in easy as he enjoys travelling and looking out for interesting things. In contrast to his love in fashion, Paul loves the wonders of nature; beaches, mountains, city gardens and parks and the idea of backpacking.

With his continuous exploration, in early 2017 in the midst of a casual discussion with a friend, he saw a motorcyclist driving around with his backpack on, and a rain cover spread on top of it. Immediately, the idea of "raincover backpack" evolved. He must have understood the needs living in a tropical country with unpredictable weather. From casual conversation to production, HILO was created.

Paul's weekend is mostly spent outside, be it a simple picnic at the park with his mother to a short escapade to a nearby mountain. The idea was to be able to have a perfect bag suitable to any getaway. And with that, Outside brand was developed.

"Why is it called Outside? - Because the products are meant to be used wherever you go!"



Cliche as it sounds, spending time with nature is undoubtedly good for everyone.

Outside products boast functionality, durability and practicality. Despite of these our products offer timeless design suitable for most ages.

Our products are made to make your daily life easier, lighter and more convenient. So, relax and take it easy. Remember, we got your back!


Our first ever product and rain-cover backpack, Hilo stands out easily with its distinctive rain-cover attached to the bag. Comprising of 3D ripstop nylon, the backpack is not only highly durable & robust, but also lightweight for travel. Multiple compartments allow your daily essentials to be stored in order while organising your outdoor gear neatly.

Hilo is now available at Outside store.