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Neon Trees + We Are Scientists Live in Singapore | CONCERT

There are some bands that invite you to put down your Sartre, nod in appreciation, and clap politely: Neon Trees and We Are Scientists aren’t that type of band. In fact, they’re far more likely to encourage you to burn your books, get your booze on, and go home with a stranger. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things of course. Therefore, come the 26th of July, you’d best be ready to do one or all of the above.

In case you require more convincing though, you’ve probably already heard Neon Trees’ blowout single ‘Animal’ on the radio. For the uninitiated and those away training with Al Qaeda, it’s a dose of electro-pop delivered fast, up front, and with the guarantee of a good time. It’s the kind of song that’s difficult to ignore unless you turn off the radio, or perhaps, have been mildly sedated. Heard live, I have no doubt that the infectious “uh-oh’s” of the track’s chorus will sound amazing hollered by thousands, reverberating out of Fort Canning Park.

However, lest you figure Neon Trees for a one-hit-wonder, fear not! The remainder of their debut album ‘Habits’ is an equally consistent whirlwind of irrepressible energy. Tracks like ‘1983’, ‘In the Next Room’ and ‘Love and Affection’ have more hooks than a tackle-box, and trade in the same sort of anthemic bombast The Killers pride themselves on. Combined with the natural flamboyance of frontman Tyler Glenn, we are prepared for a night of epic sing-alongs and hoarse throats. Not that anyone’s complaining.

The other half of this double-bill, of course, is New York-based indie band We Are Scientists. With 3 full-lengths under their belt and a decade’s worth of touring experience, We Are Scientists are definitely the older brothers on set. That doesn’t mean they’re any less zealous than the younger Neon Trees though: back with a new drummer (Andy Burrows, formerly of Razorlight) and a new album, We Are Scientists are reinvigorated and out to impress.

And despite their moniker, our erudite friends are far from boring. In fact, their new track ‘Break It Up’ is a barely disguised mission statement on partying: “if no one wants to be up all night / what’s the point in even going out”. On stage, get ready for the same pop nuance and energy to be translated into an electrifying live proposition.

Listening to the albums of both these bands, it’s difficult to feel anything but good, and I can see no reason why the same won’t hold true of their live shows. So come the 26th of July, it’s best that you get your ass down to ye olde Fort Gate with your favourite energy drink, an absorbent towel, and your craziest friends.

–       Mark Cheng

July 26, 2011
Fort Gate, Fort Canning Park


Price: $78 onwards


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