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Myrne ‘Revolution’ EP



The world of electronic music is a difficult and complicated one to break into. However, that doesn’t deter 18 year-old Manfred “Myrne” Lim from trying to get his name out there.

Having his EP signed onto UK-based Relentik Records, the classically trained musician, who hails from our sunny shores, recently released his 5-track offering titled, Revolution.

Deriving inspiration from the likes of Madeon, Avicii and Swedish House Mafia, Revolution starts out with Home. Featuring vocals from Ngee Ann Polytechnic student, Kiah Yong, Home is an anthemic albeit slightly repetitive track that lasts just over five minutes. Initially, the track might come across as slightly messily produced. However, give it a little more time and one will see how talented Myrne can be when he utilizes the piano synths at around the one-minute mark and around the break of the song. I do have to say that the vocal work on this piece didn’t quite work and the bit where Kiah Yong continuously sings ‘eee-yeah, eee-yeah, eee-yeah’ really got under my skin. Ultimately, my favourite parts of the song would be when the piano solo portions came into play.

Next up is Gone! Now, I have to admit that this track is probably my favourite one from the album. The ingenious use of the synths that give it that almost Daft Punk feel(think a slightly louder and faster Digital Love) and the sampling of Maroon 5’s Payphone is almost addictive and very much enjoyable. Production wise, the track is the cleanest one on the album with clear breaks and loops.

Another track worth mentioning is Take Love, sampling Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved, the song seems to be inspired a lot by Skrillex’s love for distorting vocal tracks and making them sound palatable (think Bittersweet featuring Ellie Goulding). Take Love features hints of playful swirls coupled with basic 8bit Gameboy-ish type synths that have been mixed quite well in my opinion. This is quite an impressive feat for someone who has been classically trained.




Overall, Revolution is an excellent first offering from Myrne. Although the tracks might not have a distinctive sound as of yet, I’m pretty sure that given time and a bit more exposure, Myrne would find his footing.

Revolution is available on Beatport, here.




Text by: Atika Lim




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