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Megan Nicole Live in Singapore | Review


There was an animated anticipation in the air as the audience in Shine Auditorium eagerly waited for Megan Nicole’s concert to start. Flutters of excited conversation broke out here and there. Needless to say, when the lights dimmed, the auditorium erupted in loud cheers.


The opening act was Sam Driscoll, a local YouTube singer who shot to fame through his “So Singaporean” videos. He certainly gave everyone a new reason to fall for him as he surprised many present with his terrific singing skills. Appearing onstage with his guitar, Sam crooned out a cover of “A Team” by Ed Sheeran, and two original songs that were about bullying and long distance relationships. The promising 20-year-old singer/songwriter cheerily left the stage with a cheeky “Bye!” and left the audience on the edges of their seats, hyped up by his gig.


When Megan Nicole came out singing her cover of “I’m Glad You Came” by The Wanted, the resounding cheers and screams were a sign of how long her fans, also known as “Meganizers”, had been waiting for this concert. With Wil Pearce playing the guitar and Ben Rose on the drums, her cover sounded just as perfect live as it was in video, perhaps even more so. Despite her petite physique, she conquered the stage as she walked around, her strong voice taking up the space that she physically couldn’t.

Singapore being the first stop for her Asia Tour, she was surprised by the amount of support she received here. “It’s only the first song and you guys have already made me emotional!” she laughs. The fans present were treated to many unreleased originals that showed a more genuine, raw side to the bubbly and cheerful Megan Nicole that we all knew. Growing up listening to songs from the 60s and 70s, some of her originals had the swanky tunes of those times fused into the more modern pop beat that was consistent in many of her originals. Her originals spoke of love, her age evident in the way the songs were about the longing to find love and how you can’t get that special someone out of your system. “Look At What You’ve Done” was one of the more mature tracks that Megan unveiled that night, with Will singing backup and playing jazzy guitar riffs.


Her unreleased originals received fantastic reception from the audience who were hearing them for the first time, but it was evident that they were waiting for the originals that they were more familiar with. “B-e-a-utiful” was greeted with the loudest cheers of the night, as she belted out her first original that was released, with over 27 million views on YouTube. “Summer Forever” was also wildly received by the audience who sang along to the upbeat track that perfectly reflected Megan’s cheery personality. “I know summer is technically over,” said Megan, grinning. “But here in Singapore, it really feels like it’s summer forever.”

She also performed her covers that were definitely on repeat in many of her fans’ playlists. Taylor Swift’s “Never Ever Getting Back Together”, Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, and Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” were some of the many covers that were performed true to those uploaded on her YouTube channel. One of the biggest differences was her cover of “Royals” by Lorde, which was originally a collaboration between Megan and Madilyn Bailey. Without Madilyn’s accompanying vocals, Megan gave a refreshing flavour to the song with her dulcet vocals.


What made the concert especially enjoyable was how she made the effort to interact with the audience. She responded to the calls of “I love you!” from the audience with an impish but sincere “And I love you more!” Several fans thanked their lucky stars as they were brought onstage where she sang and danced with them. Wanting to get even closer to her fans, she got the audience to leave their seats and come to the front of the stage, forming a mosh pit. Fans were ecstatic as they rushed down, getting the chance to touch Megan’s hand as she sang. It was the perfect way to end the concert, with her Singaporean fans closer to her than they’ve ever been. Her first Asia stop here in Singapore was definitely a blast for both Megan and the fans, and we’re already missing her a lot. In the meantime, we’ll just go back to eagerly awaiting new videos from her.


Text and images by: Arynah Aminuddin


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