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Manila’s Influential Fashion Bloggers of Today | DEATH BY PLATFORMS


While having a real daytime work, Kookie Buhain has proven that there is always time for fashion and managing one of the top blogs in Manila.

The name behind “DEATH BY PLATFORMS” has gained an abundant number of followers after showcasing her astounding collection of, well, platforms, and cutting-edge wardrobe selections.

But beyond her amazing ensembles, Kookie Buhain’s photos capture the awesome surroundings in and out of the Metro which makes more readers appreciate the quality of her blog posts.

Enjoy our Q&A and be sure to add “DEATH BY PLATFORMS” to your daily dose of inspirational reads.


Name: Kookie Buhain


Age: 29


Education: College Graduate – BA Communication Research


Describe your blog: It’s mainly a fashion blog bursting with look posts where I try to impart fashion tips whenever I can. I also inject a few food and travel posts in my blog from time to time.


How did you come up with the name of your blogsite: “Deathbyplatforms” takes its inspiration from my love affair with platform shoes and the fear of toppling over and dying a shameful death because of them.


Craziest outfit: Fashion editor, Anne dello Russo, always comes out with the freshest and craziest outfits (such as wearing a giant cherry headpiece) but she always pulls them off and I admire her for that.

Stupidest trend:
It’s not the stupidest trend but it’s the stupidest and ugliest product I’ve ever seen – CROCS!


Style Icon: I have no style icons but I have a long list of bloggers who I admire for their amazing style.

Two of my favorites are Sandra (of http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/) and  (of http://oraclefox.blogspot.com/).


Source of inspiration: I like browsing various fashion and streetstyle blogs and skimming through local fashion magazines for a daily dose of inspiration.

Dream day job other than being a Fashion Blogger
: I only blog whenever I can so I really wouldn’t consider it as “dream day job”. My dream job of all time though is to travel the best beaches in the world and get paid for it. Also, if I could (and if I have mad skills for it), I would love to be a professional surfer and dancer…even if it’s in my dreams.

Advice for aspiring fashion bloggers

  1. Blog because you want to share your passion to the world and not because of money or fame
  2. Experiment with different looks but always stay true to who you are and what you feel most comfortable in. Don’t be a slave to trends.
  3. Always stay grounded. There’s nothing uglier than a fashion blogger who thinks and acts like she’s a diva celebrity.


Favorite brand: Nothing in particular. I like exploring and trying on pieces from different brands.


Blog: http://deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com/


-Kristina Carillo


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