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Mama Goes Jai Yen Yen


Sunset at Hilton Pattaya

Easy, tiger mothers! You are in the land of smiles!
Who says trips with mothers have to be boring? Mothers can be tons of fun!

Although Mother’s Day was quite a few months ago, our gifts for our mothers are always on time. My friends and I formed a group called Ha Thai (in Mandarin Chinese: 哈泰, meaning: crazy about Thailand). We’ve been to Thailand several times, with each trip being more wonderful than the previous one. Seeing how our mothers were always curious as to why we repeatedly visit Thailand, we decided to share our passion with them. Little did we know they would be the source of entertainment for our trip!



A serene place near Mae Klong Station

Convincing our mothers to even go on the trip with us was a tough obstacle.  As our Ha Thai leader’s old saying goes, “Thailand never fails.” After a three week long battle of persuading and even multi-media presentations, our mothers finally said yes. The twelve of us went to the place that melted the tiger mothers’ iron hearts — Pattaya.



The beautiful view from our balcony @ Royal Cliff Beach Hotel


Pattaya is a great place for family trips. Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya’s roads are less congested so you won’t be wasting your getting stuck in. Pattaya is also known for her beaches and beautiful sunsets. It is the perfect place to sink your toes into the sand as you watch the colours of the sky and sea melt into one.

Prior to the trip, Ha Thai carefully planned our five-day itinerary. Drawing on our past experiences, we decided on several places such as the SPA place, afternoon tea at Hilton Pattaya and the fresh ice cream show. We also contacted the receptionist from Royal Cliff Beach Hotel and received many suggestions, such as the jacuzzi in the panorama pool and attending a culinary lesson with the hotel chef. The theme for our itinerary? Jai yen yen, of course! (Complete itinerary can be found at the end)



Dinner by the beach at restaurant Breezeo, Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, with a beautiful view and, no doubt, a scrumptious feast!


Jai yen yen (ใจเย็นๆ) in Thai means “Easy, tiger!” Admittedly, the charm about Thailand lies not only in the food or the scenery (aww, I’m yearning again), but also their lifestyle. Most of us live in the bustling cities of Taiwan where crowds, work and media are constantly bombarding us. A relaxing getaway is a must-have.



Mothers enjoying the SPA place, with some of them dozing off!


At night, we would change into swimsuits and go to the panorama pool to gaze at the stars. The spectacular view of the star-strewn sky was incredible, but seeing it with your family made it even more special. We had a pyjama party in our hotel rooms (nothing crazy, of course). We bought lots of food and cocktails from vendors and asked mothers to wear pyjamas. They laughed at the idea but went along with it, and we had a wonderful time chit-chatting about everything under the sun.



The hotel pool, one of the many beautiful scenes of Pattaya


What was most memorable to me were the culinary lessons with the hotel chef. I had never taken culinary lessons before and I don’t cook, unless preparing instant noodle counts as cooking, so I was pretty excited. I knew bringing my mother here would do me good because she would definitely try the dishes at home! This is my scheme! (Cackles villainously)

We learned how to make Som Tam (Thai papaya salad), green curry with chicken, Guay Tiew Goong (Thai noodle soup), Thai flavored steam snapper and mango sticky rice. It was really fun to see my friends cooking with their mothers. After the course, the staff arranged a great place for us to lounge and enjoy our food.


7 Some of the spices we used



 We diligently took notes



I made the steam snapper with my mom!



A nice place the hotel offered for us to finish our works of art!


The land of smiles won our hearts over. Besides enjoying ourselves during the trip, our relationship improved greatly and it felt like we were a family. The mothers even asked our Ha Thai leader to contact our travel agent and postpone the flight back to Taiwan!

As one of the Ten Commandments goes: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”(Exodus 20:12). My interpretation of it is that we have to make our parents happy, in order to live long lives. Bringing our mothers to Thailand makes them happy, so we should do our best and bring them there as often as possible. We must obey the Bible! There’s probably no job that is more tiresome than being a mother. Twenty-four seven, all year long. A getaway for them would be the perfect gift. I believe you will see all of us in Thailand pretty soon.  I’ll never forget the priceless smiles on all our mothers’ faces.



My mother’s priceless smile! 


Attached is our itinerary for five days and four nights.


Day 1

06:00 Meet at the airport

07:35 TG637 TPE to BKK

10:35 Arrival

12:00 Lunch (Guay Tiew Goong at highway service center)

15:00 Arrive Hotel

17:00 Dinner by the beach (Breezeo)

20:00 Free time (grocery shopping)


Day 2

08:00 Breakfast (Panorama buffet—with panorama view of the pool and ocean)

10:00 Free time (swimming / gym )

12:00 Lunch (take away from the vendor on Jomtien beach)

15:00 SPA (RELAX)

17:30 Afternoon Tea (at Sketch Book Café)

19:00 Night market


Day 3

08:00 Breakfast (buffet at Panorama)

10:00 Sunday Service

11:30 Free time

13:30 Big C

16:00 Shopping

17:30 Afternoon tea at the Hilton (with sunset)

19:00 Dinner


Day 4

08:00 Breakfast (buffet at Panorama)

10:00 Free time

13:00 Thai culinary lesson

16:00 SPA (AGAIN!!)

19:00 Swimming together

23:00 PJ party


Day 5

08:00 Breakfast (buffet at Panorama)

10:00 Free time

12:00 Lunch (Larn Thong—Authentic Thai tradition)


17:40 TG646 BKK to TPE

22:20 Arrival



Text & Images by: Sharon Tsui



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