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Luang Prabang Film Festival

The 2nd annual Luang Prabang Film Festival (LPFF) will present 30+ films on a Southeast Asian theme to a diverse audience over eight nights. We chat with Gabriel Kuperman who kickstarted the event.


Tell us how the Luang Prabang Film Festival began & about its mission.
My professional background is in film, and upon traveling to Laos and realizing that there was little going on in terms of production, I was motivated to help change that.  The festival’s first focus is to showcase Southeast Asian cinema.  Secondly, by showing great films from the region, we are hoping that it will encourage the local industry to be more active.  And, surely we can’t take all the credit, but there were many more films produced in Laos this year than there were last year.  Laos is trying to catch up to the regional cinematic scene.


Now in its 2nd year, how is this year’s festival different from last year?
This year, we have three main venues where film can be screened, as opposed to just one last year.  We also have several exhibitions on display, and there is the opportunity to see film in many establishments around town.



What is it about cinema that drives you?

Personally, I am a big documentary buff.  When I choose to watch a film, it is normally a documentary.  However, in the curation of this festival, I must keep in mind the audience’s tastes as well.  Our selection committee considers the production quality of the film, how appropriate it would be to a Lao audience, and how it fits in with the other films in the program.



The film festival is held in such a beautiful and quaint city. What do you love most about Luang Prabang?
I love the spirit of Luang Prabang people the most.  But also, Luang Prabang is rich with cultural heritage.  There are over 30 active temples in this tiny town, and that influences the feeling you get when here in a big way.



What should people wanting to attend the festival expect?
There will be many chances to interact with film during the festival, so be prepared to get your fill of it! We have a terrific line-up prepared, so visitors will be quite pleased with the movies they will be exposed to.  We encourage all those interested to come celebrate Southeast Asian cinema with us!

Learn more about the festival here: http://luangprabangfilmfestival.org/

Dates: 3-7 Dec 2011


-Yuni Hadi

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