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Linda Black


A combination of presence, class, professionalism and beauty – it’s no wonder that Linda Black is the most experienced and one of the most sought after hosts in the region. Prior to hosting, Linda was a career model who sparked a flurry of interest from clients that has yet to wane. Her outgoing personality and natural flair for the camera led Linda into the role of Television host for some of the most prestigious international networks such as Discovery Channel, Channel News Asia and HBO Asia.


As well as being a consummate professional, Linda is a hardworking and dedicated mother who makes time for her family as well as charities and organizations that resonates with her such as The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore.


All this talk has got us wondering, is there anything that Linda Black can’t do?

ActuallyMag takes a walk in Linda Black’s shoes for a day.


Hi there! How’s your day treating you?

Pretty awesome so far! It hasn’t rained yet, I got to have brunch with my great friend Paula at an outdoors spot, and it’s a rare day off for me. I’m set up to be a child sponsor through World Vision Singapore, and I received a parcel from kikki.k with lovely stationery. So yes, pretty stoked about today so far. And of course I get to answer an interview – Yay me!


As a host and actress, there has to be a lot of work that you do. How do you balance your career and your personal life?

Frankly, it’s not a cake walk. It takes a lot of personal discipline, and being very well acquainted with what you want, when you want it, and how you want it done. I work in my home office from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, or I’m running around to meetings, taking kids to school, squishing work time in there… so yes. If kids come knocking at my office, I drop everything and see to them. It’s important for them to know that they are number one to me. And something else that is key – is a partner to help you have the time to accomplish all this! Of course one doesn’t figure this out overnight, but I’m a fast learner 😉


Could you describe what a typical day for you is like?

Sure – I wake between 6:30 and 7:30a every day – depending on when my son decides to wake me up. Then the kids are out of bed no later than 7:30a, breakfast, showers, and off to school by 8:30a – which means I have to be ready too. While the kids are getting ready I’m reading emails, stalking my fellow members of [the] Collective on news feeds and other online media, and posting to our public page on Facebook, and if time allows – catching up on the news. If not, I’ll save it for later in the day. Then drop kids at school, then I’m off to morning meetings, hoping to grab a coffee and read the news on my HTC Rhyme, then wrap meetings/breakfast and coffee meets by noon b/c I have to pick up my kids. Then home for lunch for the kids, then I often turn back around and head back out for afternoon meetings, and I’ll arrive home around 6p or so, just in time for dinners and baths, and the evening movie with the kids (right now “How to Train Your Dragon”). Kids are off to bed by 8p and the entire day I’m snatching time to reply to emails, set more business meetings, event appearances, shoot dates – friends and husband time get juggled in there too – and usually bedtime for me is 10:30p. And I do it all again the next day!


What are some of your hobbies and interests that not everyone knows about?

I am an avid graphic novel reader, though I’ve not had time to catch up on a lot lately. I love Batman and anything Batman related – including the movies (except the ones from the late 80’s and 90’s – what a spit in the face to fans, and a blatant reach around to the almighty dollar). I’m a Southern girl through and through and follow the rules of Southern Etiquette – and impose them on my household as well, but not the guests to my home. I have eaten iguana, armadillo and pigs brains and liked them. I’m a pantheist at heart, and despite this seemingly illogical interest, I pride myself on basing my arguments in logic and secretly think I’m a Vulcan – ergo a Trekker to the core! (And yes, I prefer the term Trekker than Trekkie.) I wish I could dance for a “tambor” someday (tambor = native dance of Panama). I’m a perfectionist and like to be given gold stars (i.e. recognition). I’m also a stickler for proper grammar and the origins of languages and people fascinate me. I have zero tolerance for “webspeak” and will take the time to write out a response in actual words, but I’m a serial emoticon user 😉


As a lady, I’m sure you have your favourite me-time activity. What is it?

That’s easy! Having a glass of champagne and a laugh with my girlfriends, who are like family to me. (And thanks for calling me a lady! Much obliged!)


Which art form interests you the most?

I like most art and have a healthy appreciation for it. (Thanks Mrs. Salyer! -My freshman year art appreciation teacher.) I love museums and haunt art galleries in Singapore too. I’m not big into music, so I suppose paintings move me the most. Neo-classical Surrealism, or magic realism – i.e. the works of Michael Parkes come to mind, but most paintings – even some abstract ones – will move me. I have purchased all the paintings hanging on my walls in my home from art galleries in Singapore, and they are all different styles. Being a model for so many years I have a healthy appreciation for photography as art as well.


How is it like working so closely with so many talented people daily?

Ha! My husband’s voice is ringing in my head as I read this question! But seriously, I’m one of those people that can appreciate anyone who is seriously dedicated to their work, talented beyond belief, and have the drive to make their lives happen. Being close to these sorts of people reminds me that I need to be on the top of my game too, and that our time being relevant need not be brief. But to stay relevant! That takes a lot of work and foresight! Not everyone can do this. So I’m always trying to stretch my mind to see the opportunities.


What inspires your work?

Frankly, my love of being busy (I’m a workaholic) and the desire for my children to have every opportunity available. Oh, and a huge one – I love making my parents proud. So I would say what inspires my work is largely family… and knowing that I’m putting the particular skill set that life has afforded me to good use by trying to raise awareness of social issues and charities (like World Vision, Mainly I Love Kids, the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore, and the Rare Disorders Society Singapore) that are near and dear to my heart. Waste not – want not!


How do you incorporate the HTC into your current lifestyle? How do the features enhance your work life and how does it inspire you?

I’m using the HTC Rhyme at the moment (and before that I had the HTC Sensation), and I use every little feature to its fullest capacity. I use it exclusively as my camera to document what events I’m doing (if cameras are allowed, of course) and its super easy to upload to the social media sites I use the most (namely Facebook and twitter). It also has a charm (also called the cube) and its a little light up alert that you plug into the fone when you need it to be silent, such as when I’m in a meeting – VERY handy, and with a whimsical touch. My most favourite feature is the dock – for the HTC Rhyme it has its own charging dock that also converts the face of the phone to an alarm clock – pretty easy to deal with especially when travelling! And once in the dock it brings your music to the forefront, and the speakers on the dock are pretty good! The dock is permanently next to my work desk at home so it’s within easy reach for calls, as it automatically makes the phone a speakerphone. Innovation inspires me, and I know that technology moves pretty fast – so I’m already looking forward to what HTC has up its sleeves next to further enhance my work day and make it a fun gadget to have! (Got my eyes already on the HTC Sensation XE – gotta get me some BEATS by Dr. Dre!)


What’s the best thing about being a host in Singapore?

You mean besides the people I get to work with, the relative safety of being a public figure and a woman here, and the ability to work in a dynamic part of the world? Honestly, the best thing about being a host here in Singapore is connecting with people. I used to think I was not a people person at all. It just goes to show you that there is something new to learn about yourself or others – everyday. 🙂


-Jolin Lee

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