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Laughing Portraits | Vincent Padilla

Recently exhibited 124 portraits in Galerie Anna, Philippines, this Artist/Painter and part-time Art Professor in DLS-CSB’s School of Design and Arts truly have expressed that an art should always be a representation of oneself and also a representation of the person making it. Vincent Padilla’s current artwork exhibition entitled “TAWA” (laughter) depicts happiness and also portrays his own countrymen as naturally happy people.  According to him, “I painted 124 laughing portraits to be exact, simply because I just wanted to share and remind our countrymen that Filipinos are happy people no matter what.”


How would you define yourself as an artist and painter?

As an artist painter I think I’m a fulfilled artist doing nothing else but my passion, which is making and sharing art. I paint for the right reasons, and my reason is basically to be happy while painting, rather than thinking of the end result for a certain exhibition or whether or not I will sell. I do painting for painting itself, painting as in the word painting the present tense to enjoy painting during the moment. And maybe this is my clear reason why I enjoy life because I enjoy painting and teaching at that exact moment. I still do my passion and it is very clear to me, I’m like a seven year old boy that still wonders around in the moment. Wondering is very important if you know want I mean.
What do you think is the deeper meaning behind your works?

The deeper meaning behind my works is what we make of it, meanings are meanings and its relative. Just like how beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it’s the same, with meanings. But to help you out, my works deal with contrast – contrast in meaning, in concepts, in colours and learning.


Why did you choose to become an artist?

I’m an artist because of the community I was in when I was younger. I’m an artist because I know that I’m really good at it and that keeps me going, I’m an artist now because I decided to be an artist and I know I’ll be happy doing it.


– Kristina Carillo




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